Jonas' birth story - an overdue post

Note: This post was first published on 28 May 2012, almost 2 weeks after J was born.

When I agreed to jump onto the "Birth Stories" blog train by Owl's Well, I thought it will be nice to re-hash this story by adding in tidbits of information which we left out previously, as well as add in more pictures which I refused to share at first. Birth stories are really meant to be remembered. So, why not just jazz this post up right? 

New edits are in red! 

We sometimes have to be careful with what we wish for. In my previous post, I mentioned I wished Dr Fong would order me to the hospital during my last visit with him.

He did exactly that on 12 May 2012! (I was due a week later. And, this was really my 39th week. While I was feeling all heavy and tired, I was hoping to enjoy our final week as a couple before J came. Both the man and I took leave a week earlier. Alas! J was too eager to join us!) 

Here's what happened:

12 May, 12pm - I went for my last visit with Dr Fong. I mentioned that while I do feel regular movements from J, it wasn't as strong as it used to be. A virginal examination was performed, and I was already 2.5cm dilated. This was followed by a scan that indicated a drop in the level of amniotic fluid. This means, while it may take some time to be further dilated, the low fluid level is actually not good for the baby.

Hence, Dr Fong suggested that I admit into hospital immediately to be induced. As we had planned to get my confinement needs the same day, I asked to be admitted only at night. So, I was put on the machine to monitor J's heartbeat, to ensure he is going to be able to last till the next day. At 1pm, I was given the ok to admit into hospital at 12 midnight, 13 May.

(Here's a little bit of controversy. We had a friend who is a numerology expert, and had advised us to try to have J born on the 12th and not 13th.  Based on her reading, one who is born on the 13th of May can be a little headstrong plus the child may possess some other not so desirable traits. And this was double confirmed by the chinese astrological reading that my mother-in-law made. Part of me wanted to heed their advice, but I wasn't ready to go straight to the hospital and it will be most stressful to "force" myself to give birth before the next day. So, we proceeded to take the slow and steady way out, and waited till the end of the day before admitting.) 


12 May, 2pm - We started going around with MIL to buy all my confinement needs. Then we went home to do up J's bed... clean the house... and laying out the things I will need when J comes home. I also went through my hospital bag to make sure I have packed all the necessary.

12 May, 6pm - Ordered KFC... took a long shower.... did a mini home facial... and took a power nap.

All this while, the man was fervently spending time with his X-box for fear of not being able to turn it on ages after J is born. But, while he took breaks in between, coming into the room to check on me... I could sense his restlessness (and helplessness). I had to reassure him that everything will be ok when I am actually the one going through the labour process. (Sigh. I was really a pack of nerves. Uncertain of what was to come, yet someone needed to be the "strong" one right?) 

12 May, 11.30pm - Off we went, and that's when I felt my contraction as the car approaches the hospital. (I was very thankful and still thankful today for being rather oblivious to the contractions because it meant that I never really felt any pain). 

12 May, 11.50pm - We arrived at Mt Alvernia Hospital and went straight to the delivery suites where I was whisked into delivery room 10. While the midwives were fussing over me...hooking me up to the machines.... the man went to attend to my admission.

Look at my makeupless .. and uber sleepy face.

13 May, 12.30pm - I was 4cm dilated by now. Pretty good progress with no painful contractions the whole day. And, this is where I was made to poop. 

Apparently, my contractions were already at 5 minute intervals... but to be honest, I was pretty oblivious to them.  Oh well... so the monitoring went on for another half an hour before a midwife came in to ask if I wanted to be put on the drip to induce labour first, or do I want to be put on epidural first. Well... being on epidural first means when I am induced, it will be painless.

To be honest... that was when I started to panic. The reality that I was about to give birth to my son started to set in. Anyway, thinking that the night was going to be long and I was in dire need of sleep, I opted for epidural before drip. ( But women was fickle aren't we? I was not able to make up my mind to be honest about the epidural. Getting induced wasn't a scenario in my birth plan, hence the fickleness. ) 

13 May, 1.30am - Epidural was administered followed by hooking me up to the drip that was going to induce labour.  The process seemed forever, from poking all kinds of needles to having me attached to a urine bag. I felt like a lab specimen while the anesthetist, midwives and nurses work on me.

13 May, 2.30am. - Apparently, this was when my waterbag burst. I had no idea that it happened and this information was only told to me when Dr Fong came to deliver Jonas many hours later. At the same time I was already 6cm dilated.

The epidural has already taken effect. On top of the pain relief, I was shivering. In fact, I was shivering all throughout the the labour. I actually don't know which is worse, feeling the pain of my contractions or shivering for close to 6 hours! (After this, I don't really recall what happened as I kept drifting in and out of sleep..)

13 May 6.30am - There was beeping everywhere... my drip was running low, epidural was running out, paper on the monitoring machine ran out. I was like " SERIOUSLY... ARE WE THERE YET?"

Midwife came in, and said that I was only about 8 to 9cm dilated, and needed to wait till 10cm. But, i panicked. I said I did not want the epidural to run out before baby arrives. So, they got me up... and asked me try to push. I tried...with some guidance from the helpful midwives. They just keep telling me.. "push like you want to pass motion!!!!!"

Alas! After a couple of pushes, Jonas' hair was in sight!!! (This is the crowning we learnt about at all these pre-natal courses. This was also when the man got SCARED. When he sighted J's hair... he appeared right next to me. He said it was too scary too look. Thinking back now, the look on the man's face was quite hilarious. LOL!) The midwives all seemed surprised that I could push so well with epidural! 

So Dr Fong was promptly notified... and everyone started scurrying to prepare for Jonas' arrival. That saved me the cost for a fresh dose of epidural! 

The wait for Dr Fong was like eternity, albeit less than an hour. Midwives were so afraid that Jonas will just pop out before Dr Fong can do the honours of delivering him. ( I recalled there was a mummy in the next delivery suite was ready to deliver about the same time as me. The midwives tried to ease our anxiety by telling us we are in a competition to see who's baby pop out first. I don't know if it made us feel at ease or more anxious. ) 

13 May 7ish am - Dr Fong walked in with his usual reassuring smile.... swiftly got into his gear, and told me to push. Tried once...tried a secondtime... and Jonas' head was out!!! I was told to give a final push...which I did,... and the next thing I knew was Jonas was lying on my tummy. I cried tears of relief... while Hwa eagerly followed the midwives everywhere, wanting to grab a pic of his preious son.

Jonas' birth was far easier than I thought it would be, and I can only thank God for guiding me through it.  

However, what I wasn't prepared for was the immediate effects after the epidural wore off. 

I was tired. And, I was starting to feel the pain. I had a urine bag which was very very uncomfortable. These were things I wasn't prepared for. It made me fiery, weepy and absolutely nasty to the man and my mum. It was probably also a small bout of post natal blues. I refused visitors and had no patience for breastfeeding. 

Today, as I look back.... I am still very thankful for the relatively easy delivery. In fact, it was a rather event-less experience compared to all the stories I have read to prepare for birth. 

I don't think there's anything I would want to change, but maybe my attitude towards breastfeeding from the onset. I think the whole tiredness got me started off on the wrong foot when it came to breast feeding. Yeah... J was more of a formula boy. Not that there is anything wrong with that as he is doing pretty alright. Just that I do sometimes wonder how it would have been like if he was on breastmilk. Oh well! 

As most of my readers would know, we struggled to have J, and even if the delivery was a worst struggle, I would have gladly faced it head on. Today, as I write this, I am reminded of how much joy J has brought us... and as we continue to try for second child (which proves more challenging than the first), the fact that J came into our lives, in the way he did is something we are very grateful for. 

Here's more pictures to share: 

Me.. trying to catch a wink before the mayhem! 

Prince J... I remember he did not like to be wrapped in the foil. He kept trying to get rid of it. 

The man... went out to get a couple of velcro swaddles for this boy. The love of a father. 


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  1. AHya! Why u go to hospital looking so unglamorous one! What did I teach u?!?!

  2. Ahya! Why you go to hospital looking so unglamorous! What did I teach u?!?!

    1. hahaha,,,, bedtime @ 12 midnite mah!

  3. It's okay, she will have plenty of time to be a yummy mummy after that. But really, you're a cool mum Shermeen. Can't wait to see little Jonas soon :)

    1. Yeah! I just weighed myself! 7kg to go! I can join all of you on your diets when I get back... in the meantime... i have shopped for clothes to tide over the next few months since I have nothing to wear! haha!


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