Christmas gift Ideas for the girlfriends.

I made a list last year on 5 gift ideas for your girl friends. Well, this year, my list is longer and better!

I love the season of giving, and always take pride in picking out gifts for my close girl-friends. I take the time to curate what 's out there and match them to what the girlies will like ( of what i think they will like). Sometimes, the simplest of gifts are the ones that they appreciate the most.

Here's what I have curated so far...

For the beauty buffs

1) Mary Kay Satinlips Lip Mask and Lip Balm.

This unsuspecting tube of lip mask does wonders to dry and chapped lips. Personally, I don't like to wear lip colour. So, to complete my daily look, I need make sure my lips don't look to dry.. or worst still peeling.

The mask is so easy to use. Just spread a thin layer over your lips, leave for about 5 to 10 minutes before wiping it off with warm water. You will notice dead skin on the cotton ( if you used one) and your lips instantly plumps up. Complete with the lip balm to moisturise, and you will notice lip colour lasts longer if you apply them after using the mask. 

Here's a review of the product from another blogger.

If you are keen to get these, PM me. I can direct you on how to purchase.

2) ESOD (Extra Simple Ordinary Minerals) Mineral Make-up 

I never knew the difference between mineral make-up and non-mineral makeup until I tried ESOD.  My personal favourite are their glows. 
I use them as highlighters and they can last the entire day. Not a big fan of heavy make-up, so this works very well for me. Give it a try. Best thing about them is that you can request for samples at absolutely no cost. 

ESOD's Website:

For the fitness fairies

3)  Fitbit Flex.

It looks sleek, and is the most basic fitness tracking device. Link it to any of your mobile device and you are on your way to getting fit. I have had this over close to a year now. It will really help in tracking your input (food intake) and output (calories burnt based on execise done). 

There are of course other models to choose from and are available for sale at outlets such as Challenger. 

Picture provided by PR agency representing Fitbit (#findyourfit)

For the accessories lover

4) Indie designed jewellery on Pinwheel Jewels
The people at Pinwheel Jewels bring in jewellery from all over the world, and they carry designs from home grown Joanne L.

I got a bunch of delicately beautiful pieces from Pinwheel Jewels in October. Other than having absolutely pretty little things, service was great too.

5) Personalised Jewellery from Adeline's Loft 

If you prefer to have something customised for your bestie, then you can speak to Adeline from "Adeline's Loft". I always admired her creations, and they are truly unique. Adeline is a home-based jewellery artisan, and I secretly hope that in future, when I stop being an FTWM, I can pick up my tools again, and learn from her. 


For the fun loving bunch

6) A Photoshoot with Jemanci.

I was meant to have a 2 pax photoshoot with the bff at Jemanci this month. Unfortunately, due to my IVF schedules, I cancelled it. However, just  by how Jeremy ( photographer and brains behind Jemanci) followed up with our booking, and the effort to know us to create the best pictures for us, demonstrated his professionalism. 

Picture provided by Jemanci
One of the best presents you can give your BFF is time spent with them, and of course capturing your friendship on film. 


I hope you find this list of gifts useful! It is still not too late to pick that perfect gift for the girlies! 

Note: This is not a sponsored post.