Letter to my 3 year old

Dear Jonas Bee,

These days, one of mummy's favourite past time is to scroll through photos we took over your 3 years. I miss the times when you were super chubs, the times when I can cradle you in just one arm, and the times I can baby-wear you everywhere.

All thanks to Facebook for frequently reminding us of our memories.

It seems like only yesterday that you invaded our lives and turned it upside down. And...today, you are this energiser bunny that cannot stop talking.

I don't know where you get your energy from, neither do I know whose talkative genes you inherited. Your curiosity and love for communications is also very evident in your sleep. Many nights, you will break out in a smile while sleeping and mumble away. Despite driving me crazy with your incessant talking, it is your voice and the mindless chattering that I miss a lot while at work.

You are also one testy child, who has no patience, absolutely none for things that does not interest you. No crafts because that to you seems to be a waste of time. Sports, to you must be played with friends and no one else, or you need the absolute attention of your coach otherwise your patience will run thin as well.

You are very much the fiesty one at home too... (and i thought only I was). Anything that does not go your way will experience your fury, and oh boy! You can certainly put up a great fight. I hope as your grow older and wiser, you will learn to put this "never say die" spirit in doing good for yourself and people around you.

Underneath that toughie is really a softie with a heart of gold. I have witnessed how you readily played the big brother in school to ensure the younger kids are well taken care of,  jumping in to help your teachers when they get too busy.

While mummy misses your cooing and roundness, I am enjoying this stage where we can have (extremely) lengthy conversations about the things you see and do. About how you are a superhero, with wings coming out of your belt.... about how you want to be a policeman and fireman all at the same time because you want to save all the people who need help.

There's one thing though that worries Mummy a little. Which is your dislike for learning your alphabets. Your teachers have mentioned how you are learning beyond your age, yet they are unable to teach others at your pace. So, mummy tries all the time to get you to learn. But you cannot stay interested beyond 5 minutes. I know you will come to it in time, at your own pace. So, I shall be patient.

At the same time, mummy continues to pray you will learn patience, that all good things will come if you only know how to wait. Tough lesson to learn at this age, but it will help with those terrible tantrums you often have. Forgive mummy if I am always not giving in to your whims and fancies. It is now you learn or never learn at all.

You, as mummy always tells you, are my one and only favourite boy. I, no matter how trying it is to manage your misbhaviour, will never stop loving you or love you any less for that matter.

May you retain the good.. and use it in the best way possible.

Love you to the moon and back.

Mummy Bee.