Bucket List with my 3 year old

So I shared this post on my facebook post last week, and I thought about creating one for J and myself as well.

Being the only child, J is our first priority. While both the man and I work full time, we make it point to put J above everything else.

So when one of us needs to see to work or social commitments, the other will naturally takes charge.

If not, both of us will be with him, spending time together as a family of 3. It doesn't matter what we end up doing. We just want to make sure he knows we are there, and we enjoy having him with us. I hope it is precisely this, that's why he is equally attached to both me and the man.

Of course, each of us play a different role. Papa is the all fun and play person. If Papa gets too serious (ie. discipline), it is almost a no-no to the boy. So boy and papa obviously are buddies, on most occasions. Mummy on the other hand satisfies 2 extreme spectrums of the boy's emotional needs. Comfort and discipline, and often nothing in between.

The teaching and nurturing obviously comes in somewhere. But, when I think about how our relationship will be 10 to 15 years down the road, will he still be coming for that physical touch of comfort? Maybe not.

I want to create fun memories with him, and that can really start by doing even the simplest stuff. just him and me. I will of course cleverly sneak in the education part in it.

Here's my bucket list. Do you have one too?

1) Sit on the upper deck of a double decker bus. (Lesson: Different experiences, with different perspective.)

2) Bake a cake or cookies (Lesson: Find joy in feeding others with food made with love).

3) Cafe hop (Lesson: Life does not always need to be a rush. We can slow down and enjoy each other's company)

4) Go down water slides together (Lesson: Mummy can be cool too, and so can all girls! )

5) Teach him to snorkel in the ocean (Lesson: "You know all those books we read about sea creatures... here.. see them for real!")

6) Help out at an orphanage (Lesson: compassion)

7) Run 5K with him (Lesson: perseverance)

8) Build sandcastles together  (Lesson: Patience).

9) Go for a hike together (Lesson: perseverance)

10) Adopt a puppy (Lesson: how to care for another living thing)

This list will change as J grows, but for now, I am trying to be present, as much as I can. (yeah... I am sometimes guilty of spending too much time on other things but him..)

Do you have a bucket list too? Do share!