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Bucket List with my 3 year old

So I shared this post on my facebook pos t last week, and I thought about creating one for J and myself as well. Being the only child, J is our first priority. While both the man and I work full time, we make it point to put J above everything else.

Letter to my 3 year old

Dear Jonas Bee, These days, one of mummy's favourite past time is to scroll through photos we took over your 3 years. I miss the times when you were super chubs, the times when I can cradle you in just one arm, and the times I can baby-wear you everywhere.

Yilan for kids - Taiwan Travelogue

Our recent trip to Taiwan brought us to Yilan. Although we initially worried that it will be boring for the boy as it is more of a "back to nature" part of Taiwan, we enjoyed ourselves very much, and wished we spent more time there. Surprisingly, Yilan packs more fun for the kid than expected. Here's some places you can check out if you are going down that way and I will let the pictures do the talking! 

IVF Round 2: Done with Egg Retrieval.

IVF egg retrieval for round 2 was done 3 weeks ago. And now, we take a break. Yup... we did not go for an embryo transfer. It was a collective decision that this would be the best for us right now.  A collective decision among hubs, me, our doctor and the embryologist.