Family Accommodations in Taiwan

Let us take you on a tour of the different accommodation we stayed at while in Taiwan. Our 7 days holiday brought us to 4 different hotels/minsus, and we enjoyed each and every one.

Nights 1 & 2

We have heard good stuff of the Dandy Hotel chain in Taiwan, especially the one at Daan. Hence, we made sure we booked one of them for the recent trip. Having looked at our itinerary, we decided to stay at the Tianmu Branch (Shilin District). 

Actually, don't be fooled by their claims to be in the Shilin District that you can end up at Shilin Night Market. It is really quite far... it takes about a 10 to 15 min taxi ride during peak hours. :P
We took their Deluxe Room which had a bed that was larger than a king sized bed which gave the three of us enough space to rest comfortably. 

The toilet and bathroom facilities took up quite some space in the room. However, it was nicely thought out I must say. The water closet and shower were in seperate sections, which was extremely useful when the hubby is showering and the boy has some big business to do. 

The little touches in the hotel room impressed me. We often see welcome cards only in international establishments. Hence, seeing one at Dandy Hotel was a a nicety. Then there was the welcome cookies that accompanied the cards which came into handy when J was feeling a little peckish when we arrived at the hotel. 

The bags of tea made available in the room was something different too. They are not the usual instant tea brand you see in other hotels, but more of a local boutique brand of Oolong tea from Pinn Tea that's full on flavour with their different blends. After trying them in the room, I was able to purchase boxes of them at the hotel front desk. 


Night 3

Unlike many of the more popular Yilan minsus which has lots of empty greenery around them, this one is just like any house in the Jiaosi Township. However, as you enter the house, the ordinary looking front porch was soon forgotten. 

The owners of the minsu own 2 properties within the town. So if you browse through their official website , you will notice there's a " Room in Jack" and "Room in Fantasy". We stayed in "Fantasy" , on the third level. 

"Jack" is actually nearer the main street, while "Fantasy" was hidden away in a corner street. Nonetheless, the minsu was very homely. It was pretty obvious J was thrilled to have so much to play. 

This was where we slept. My camera was not able to do the rooms justice, so take a look here for how the room really looked like. 
This was the highlight of J's stay at the minsu. A hot tub with natural spring water. This was big enough for all three of us to soak in, and the water was at a nice temperature of about 50 degrees. 

Breakfast isn't served in the minsu. Instead, we get to choose breakfast vouchers at MacDonalds or another local cafe. 

This is certainly a place to have a longer stay to fulling enjoy all it has to offer. 

Night 4

It is no secret that I love the sea. In fact, waking up to the sound of crashing waves puts me in a state of zen. 

According to the minsu's website, this is the only accommodation along Cixingtan that's closest to the shoreline making it a great base to watch the sunrise. Unfortunately, due to the wet weather when we were there, there wasn't any sunrise... :(

The owners of this Hualien Bayview B&B are also the owners of Hotel Bayview just down the street. A very hospital family, that also served up a large variety at breakfast. 

Nights 5 & 6

The iTaipei Service Apartments are best placed for anyone who wants to stay near Taipei Main Station. Just right for us since we needed to take the first train out to Kaoshiung. 

It is part of the residential apartments above Qsquare Mall, which is also the mall where I can get all my favourite brands such as Melissa, Rootote, Swarovski and other cosmetic brands, always with good discounts if purchased above a certain amount. 

The rooms are comfortable, with a kitchenette, washer and dryer. We landed in the Japanese styled room. Unfortunately we only had a washer. Nonetheless, it was helpful enough to get our week's worth of laundry done. 

While this is a service apartment, it is just comfortable for 2 people at the max. We actually had some space constraint in terms of placing our luggages and stroller. However, the convenience was more than we can ask for. 

Planning for a trip to Taiwan anytime soon? I hope this list helps. 

The itinerary of our recent Taiwan trip can be found here

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