Travel Thursdays: Taiwan Family Escapade 2015 - The Itinerary

Taiwan is one of the countries I cannot get enough of. Such a large place, so much to explore, lots of lush greenery and plenty of little surprises that never fails to put me in a happy mood. Not forgetting how there's so much nice food to savour and now that I am a mother, Taiwan is so very family friendly, making it an ideal destination for our family getaways. This was in fact, the man and my fifth time to Taiwan.

We took a 7-days trip to Taiwan, just the 3 of us. The longest we have been stuck with the kid 24-7. There were fun times, but there were also moments we wished we didn't make the trip (although it was a temporary thought at the most!).'s what everyone has been waiting for. I am going to share our itinerary here!

First, let me thank Wenny from Tour Taiwan and Jeff, the driver assigned to us.

They made the planning of this trip super fuss-free. In fact, all I did was to tell Wenny the parts of Taiwan I wanted to visit, and she suggested the various spots we can spend some time at along the way. All these were done in just a couple of days. She even helped to make bookings at one of the minsus (otherwise known as "bed & breakfasts") we were going to spend a night at.

We had a Hello Kitty themed taxi assigned to us, and Jeff was very kind to rent cartoon DVDs to entertain J on our long car journeys. 

In the words of J, "Our Hello Kitty Taxi!" 

The Flight

We picked Scoot for this trip, because they had the overnight flight which we wanted.

With J, I prefer to fly at night so we can all catch a wink along the way.

To ensure we get enough space, we opted for ScootBiz, which is the carrier's business class. It cost close to what we would have paid for economy class seats on a full-fledged carrier, yet was able to enjoy so much more space. Definitely worth the amount paid, not forgetting we get meals on board without paying extra too. Well, but the food wasn't anything to rave about. I guess we cannot have the best of everything yah?

Just look at the amount of space we had in the ScootBiz cabin. All worth the money for the comfort especially when traveling with an active toddler.

The itinerary

Day 1 (Taipei) : Traditional Taiwanese Breakfast > Taipei Zoo > (Beitou Thermal Park) > Danshui > Shilin Night Market

Accommodation: Dandy Hotel, Tianmu Branch

As we took an overnight flight, our day started pretty early at about 6am. Moreover, it was raining non-stop since we arrived, so by the time we were done with the Zoo, J was already a little grouchy. With that, we decided to skip Beitou, and went straight to Danshui before heading back to the hotel for a short break.

Stranded outside the Zoo as it was pouring. 
We decided to make the most of our visit to the Zoo even though it was we put our raincoats on, and began our exploration. 

What better way to improve our mood ? Ice cream! 

"We are singing in the rain... singing in the rain!" 

Day 2 (Taipei) : Jing Gua Shi Gold Museum (Gold Ecological Museum) > Gold Waterfall > Jiufen > Shifen (Sky Lantern) > Pitstop at Baby Boss > Brick Your World (Lego themed restuarant) at Ximending

Accommodation: Dandy Hotel, Tianmu Branch

Ice cream again? Oh... of course! Anything to make you happy my dear!

That's us and Jeff at Shifen. Thanks to him for carrying our 17kg kid while we got busy with our lanterns. 

Day 3 (Yilan) : Long Tan Lake > Sophisca Cafe with sweets making workshops > Yinong Farm (or known as E-long Farm) > Artemis Garden > Qing Shui Thermal Village > Happiness 20 > Nanfangao Fishing Port.

Accommodation: Jack Beanstalk Minsu (or known as Jack Modo B&B) .

We enjoyed Day 3 the most! Yilan has so much to offer... the different types of farms, natural attractions and lots of fresh air. It was a pity we only spent a day and half there. We would have loved to stayed a few more days in Yilan to soak in the local culture.

We were too early for the Candy DIY session at Sophisca. Can't make candies? Why not just take a picture with the schedule board! 

Fresh fish at Nanfangao Fishing Port. 
Jack Beanstalk Minsu which we wished we spent more time at. 

Day 4 (Yilan / Hualien): Crayon Factory > Ching Shuei Cliff > Lunch at Aboriginal Village > Dolphin Watching Cruise > Cixingtan > Zhiqiang Night Market

Accommodation: Bayview B&B (望海楼)

Picking the colours to make our own crayons.  
Fabulous view en-route to Hualien. Don't mind the kid and the man... they prefer to enjoy the view than to look at the camera. 

Day 5 (Hualien./ Taipei): Farglory Ocean Park > Taipei > Chang An West Road (what I would call Toy Street) 

Accommodation: iTaipei Apartments 

Our boy loves to take pictures with mascots, and will always insist to hug them before he moves off. 


Day 6 (Kaoshiung / Taipei) : HSR to Kaoshiung, Fo Guang Shan > Shopping at Q sqaure, Taipei

Accommodation: iTaipei Apartments 

The primary reason for going to Taiwan was to 还愿 or simply means to " return a favour". When we visited Taiwan in 2011, the man prayed for a child at Fo Guang Shan. Shortly after we returned to Singapore, we started on our first SO-IUI, which was a success and that's how J came into our lives. We mentioned this in here 3 years ago, and we promised that we will bring J to "return the favour" when he is old enough to travel. So, here we were making a quick trip to Kaoshiung to pray despite the rain. 

Day 7: Flight back to Singapore. 

Our holiday ended too soon, and we certainly wished we had a longer time in Taiwan. And, before it even ended, we were already making plans on where else we want spend time at the next time we visit.

For now, I will fondly remember this holiday as I work through all the photos taken, share in more detail some of the interesting places we visited. So... stay tuned for my weekly "Travel Thursday" updates. 

I hope our itinerary is helpful for anyone who's planning a trip to Taiwan. I strongly recommend that you have Yilan as part of your plans!