5 tips on how to survive a "Super Fun Dae"

We were at Aviva Superfundae last Saturday! Before I begin, can I just say I am slightly biased towards the event since it was sponsored by my ex-employer. And, being at the event, soaking in the sea of yellow brings back so many good memories. The yellow days of fun as I call it!

Anyway, I was pretty stoked to have received invitations to the Aviva Superfundae especially after contemplating buying tickets.

With the boy getting really active, I thought the event was a nice way to exhuast all that energy this kid has in him. Well, it definitely did especially with the scorching hot sun!

After our experience, here's 5 tips on how to survive the next Superfundae (if there is going to be one next year.... I certainly hope so. ).

1) Hydrate, hydrate, hydrate...

With the punishing weather, and all the running around, it's best to get as much fluids as possible to keep your energy levels up.

2) Don't forget the sunblock

I don't suppose you want to get sunburnt right? Well, at least not for the kiddos!

3) Visit in the late afternoon

Well, from the pictures from facebook, it was cooler in the afternoon, and you can stay on to catch the movie after stalls close.

4) Cool off at the Children's Garden (at Garden's by the Bay) 

Well, as the heat got to us, we did exactly that. J was super happy, we were also glad to take a breather before heading back to the event. The walk back and forth can be quite a distance though.

5) Bring the whole village! 

They always say, the more the merrier! It certainly was for this case. Lay down the picnic mat, and baked in the warmth of the sun with the people you love.

Here's how our Superfundae went!

Look at that face! He cannot be happier with his first ever Nerf Gun! 

Down the slippery slope we go! 

The milk run which I lost the picture of a triumphant J.  

Pleased with his Haribo haul ! 

Hope the Aviva Superfundae returns next year! We will certainly be more prepared to make the best of it!

Disclaimer: We received tickets to the said event. All opinion are our own.