Happy 3rd Birthday

In a blink of an eye, this boy who used to be a pudgy burger face is now a 1m tall, a super motor mouth and extremely generous boy.

At 3 years old, I cannot believe how much he knows and how much love he has to give.

This year, we decided we will not have any big birthday do for him since it seemed rather jinx in the previous years. 

Both times when we planned a party for his first and second birthdays, we had to call them off because he fell sick.

This year, it was just a simple celebration in school, a cake with his grandparents and a holiday with us. Simple pleasures. 

We asked J what cake he wanted for his school celebration, and it is no surprise he picked Spiderman!

Our really shy, yet extremely happy birthday boy. 

These days, it is so hard to get the boy to take a proper picture. This is the best we managed. 

Everyone got to be a superhero during the celebration with simple party masks we got from SKP.
Since we celebrated his birthday in school a week early, we decided to get him a Choco Chiffon cake from Paris Baugette on his actual birthday. 

Happy birthday JoJoBe! May you continue to grow, continue to be happy. I love your generous heart, and may you put that to good use as you develop year on year!