Cold Storage Kids Run 2015

Back to regular programming after our week long vacation in Taiwan... Let me start by covering the Cold Storage Kids' Run which happened 2 weeks ago.

Firstly, kudos to the organising committee from ESG. I think this year's run was very much more organised than the 2014 one.

The holding area (which I had a lot of grouses about) was better managed and the kids didn't need to wait too long before their turn to run, which is crucial for a good race experience for the younger kids (aka the Jolly Kiwis).

The Jolly Kiwis were also given an earlier start compared to the 9plus am start in 2014. It was great because the sun wasn't as punishing then, and J was obviously less grouchy.

We definitely had more fun this year and our little champ did great too! He had papa carry him only halfway and ran the rest. A marked improvement from his first Kids' Run!

Perhaps, we were also more prepared this time around. I had both hot and wet weather plans. 
Sunscreen, caps and adequate water checked.

Rain coat and crocs for the kid, ponchos for hubby and me all checked in case of a downpour like last year!

We will very likely make this an annual event for the kiddy and I may just do the run with J instead Papa next year.

Starting the day a little grouchy. Remember this look from last year

Slightly happier after offering a sweet. 
The less crowded holding area.
Off they went....

Letting the boy down to complete the run.

"Hand-in-hand, we run, run, run!"

Yay! A medal!