5 things I learnt from my mother

With Mothers' Day is just around the corner, I am thinking about the subtle lessons my mum has taught me through the years.  Now that I am a mother myself, I am better able to appreciate the things my mum has done for me. A mum's love is indeed precious and irreplaceable.

Here are the 5 things I have learnt from my mum, which I hope to also pass on to J.

1.  Love myself
Since a very young age, mum always emphasized the importance to taking good care of myself. Whether it is to protect myself from getting hurt (physically or emotionally) or ensuring that I always look my best. So today, although I am at my heaviest, I try to always make sure I continue to present the best of myself. It is also because of her constant reminder to make sure I do not commit myself to someone for the fun of it that I am able to find the man I truly love without going through too many unnecessary heartbreaks.

2.  Loyalty to our family
We are a small family of 4. Dad, mum, bro and myself. Mum uprooted herself to live with Singapore and very often since, she only had herself to depend on these 30 plus years. So, she often reminds bro and me to always be there to support each other when needed. That stuck with me for a long time. I made sure whenever bro got into some kind of trouble, I am there to help. Mum walked the talk too. I remembered when Dad fell and could only get around in a wheelchair, Mum stood by him. Although it wasn't the easiest period, Mum never faltered. 

3. Generosity
Whenever possible, Mum will always lend a helping hand to our relatives in the Philippines. She has a tender heart. Even if she had give up her last cent, she will, just so people around her have a better life. Even when she has stopped working, she kept her promise to see my cousins through school. She used the money we give to her each month to do so. Because she set such a fine example, bro and I followed suit.

4. Tolerance
I have never met a more tolerant person other than my mum. Growing up, I have witnessed occasions when I know mum was seething with anger, yet keeping her cool to maintain harmony in the house. Even today, she is very much more tolerant than I am. Certainly there were times when she vented, but it is only human to do so.

5. Be independent
My mum always taught me to be independent. To do things for myself, to earn a decent living so I don't need to depend on my husband. This stuck with me till today, and it is perhaps one reason why I still refuse to consider being a SAHM. 

Thanks Mummy for the unconditional love showered on bro and me, and today you continue to pour your affection onto your grandkids. I cannot ask for a better mum. Happy Mothers' Day, Mummy!