Travel Thursdays: Rainbow Hotel Hong Kong

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We made a very last minute decision to spend the long Christmas holiday in Hong Kong last year.

We needed to get away, and somewhere cold was preferred. The thing about booking late, and travelling during the festive period is that everything is so expensive.

Hotel rooms in Hong Kong as it is are already very costly, so you can imagine the rates I was seeing on the computer screens. 

So, while we really wanted to indulge in a luxury hotel, we chose to be more prudent and settled for Hotel Rainbow, a budget hotel along my favourite stretch of Kowloon - Jordan.

Hotel Rainbow opened slightly more than 2 years ago, so you can expect most furnishings to be rather new, yet very very simple.

The double bed is very basic, just right for the 3 of us, although I must add, don't expect the best quality type of mattress. In fact, it wasn't very comfortable, and is the kind that will wake the person next to you if you move too much. I had to make sure I made minimal movements so as not to wake J up. 

At about 19 metres square, the room really isn't that small compared to the standard rooms you find in other Hong Kong hotels. 

What I loved about it is that it had a long table along the window which was helpful for us travelling with a child. The table was large enough for us to place all our toddler's necessities, and on most days when eating out with the boy was difficult, it was comfortable for us to feed him from. 

The bathroom was also surprisingly large for Hong Kong standards, with a generous vanity table top space too. This made showering the boy rather easy. No squeezing into the bathroom needed for his favourite activity of each day.

The basic wardrobe did not really matter to us since all we needed it for was  just to hang our winter jackets. 

To be honest, the hotel was decent for a short stay, and since we were out and about on most days, it really didn't matter that it is really basic. 

Best part is, this hotel comes with free wi-fi! No extra charges, so best for getting the boy entertained with his youtube videos. 

Some things to note though: 

1) Walls are really thin. We had some very noisy neighbours who were talking really loudly and banging doors at night. If noise bothers you, then you might want to seriously consider whether or not to stay here. 

2) It does not have a resturant. But you can choose to have breakfast at a restaurant onsite , I think is called Oaktree Cafe, but does not belong to the hotel. However, since you are in Hong Kong, breakfast is always readily available everywhere. 

What: Hotel Rainbow, Hong Kong
Where: 23 Saigon Street , Jordan, Kowloon
If you are familiar with where Novotel Kowloon is, Hotel Rainbow is right across the street. 

Stay tuned for my next #travelthursday post on what we did in Hong Kong during this trip.