IVF Diaries - Cycle One, Day 6

My first scan took place on Day 6 of the IVF/ICSI process. I was lucky I did not need to do any suppression jabs due to my endometriosis. So, it was less poking than expected.

This is the 5th day of taking my FSH injections. I was actually anticipating full blown grumpiness and bloatedness which surprisingly did not happen. Sounded too good to be true, which indeed yielded some worrying results.

At Day 5, there were only 5 visible follicles, all coming from one ovary. It is either the rest were hiding or that's all I have at this stage. In a usual or should I say clinically common cycle, there should be more. At least double the numbers. And, the worrying part is when all the follies are less than 10mm in size. 

Then again, any doctor would have warned against googling and comparing one's results versus another. 

While we are not in for the numbers game, and it should really be the quality that counts, 5 does seem too little. What this potentially means is even if all 5 eggs are good to retrieve, they may not all make it at fertilisation for embyro transfer. 

At this point, we will continue with our stimulation jabs till our next scan. All I can hope for now is "grow follies grow"! Let's hope there will be more follies at 18mm or bigger.