The start of the IVF process

We wanted to have another go at SO-IUI and began waiting for my period of come. Days became weeks, and weeks became  months, and it didn't arrive. These things... when you want them to come, they don't. When you don't want them to come, they do.

Instead of waiting longer, we walked into the doctors' office to change our plans. We will, rather we have just put our foot into IVF. Or ICSI to be precise. I did not know there was a difference, and I shall go into that difference in another post.

Today marks day 2 of stimulation jabs... Or in short...stimms. My doctor decided to put me on 300iui of Puregon, the very same follicle stimulating hormones (FSH) I used when we were doing SO-IUI. This is because we already have a few bottles of them sitting at home. Of course, this time around, the dosage more than doubled.

Strangely, perhaps it is one of the many side effects of the drugs, I feel extremely tired and I swear I can fall asleep standing up, although I heard it is also a little early in the cycle to feel this way. I cannot imagine on day 5 or 6 of stimms. Will I maybe just spend an entire day snoozing?!
Cost incurred so far: $1,800 for 5 days worth of Puregon plus my doctors' consultation fee.


  1. Thanks Dear. Yeah... i know I can talk to you.. :) Don't even know what to feel about the whole process... just going with the flow.


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