The one about sleeping alone

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Sleep training in our household takes a different form. We were  (still are) more concerned of weaning J of co-sleeping. Maybe it is the weaning of both mother and son in this case.

oh my sleeping child

Since the boy was only about 5 or 6 months old, we rarely had problems making him sleep through the night. This is partly because we allowed him onto our bed to make soothing him easier. 

For us, it is for better quality sleep. Horrors of horrors right?! I know many parent friends frown at our decision to do so. It was really our survival instincts playing a part, totally unplanned, yet I am honestly grateful for being able to get quality sleep for a good part of J's life.

Unfortunately, my little baby has grown with legs that packs a kick so powerful that quality sleep turned rather painful literally. Notice how I am the only one complaining since the man has the ability to sleep through anything at the same time guarding his space fiercely.

We have tried putting a toddler bed next to ours which didnt work because by 1am every night, he climbs over me and finds that sweet spot between the man and myself, eyes closed and all.

The toddler bed next to our bed.
Slightly more than a year ago, we attempted at shifting J into his own room. One month into the shift, he was doing well until the in law came to stay. So back to our bed it was, and now he is stickier to us than ever. 

We are into our 3rd month of attempt 2. He has been sleeping in his room for 2 months now with frequent calls for comfort during the course of the night. This means we shuttle between the two rooms every night, quite the same way parents of babies do.
taking a nap in his own bed.
While it can sometimes be tiring, I am secretly pleased that my son needs me.
"I miss opening my eyes and finding you next to me.
I miss sniffing your hair, that reminds me of how you are always my baby.
I miss you snuggling up against me and reaching out to check that I am around.
You are my source of comfort as much as I am yours."
There you go. One of my hardest parenting task to date is to train my son to sleep alone because we, mum and son , are not ready in denial that my baby boy is growing up so so quickly.

Anyone facing the same situation as we do? How do you manage?

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