Imaginarium - A voyage of big ideas

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If you are looking for something to do with your kids this March holidays, then you should not miss visiting SAM's new kids-friendly exhibition, Imaginarium - A voyage of ideas. 

Inspired by the crescent moon on the Singapore Flag that signifies a young nation that's growing with lots  of room to think big, the exhibition focuses on the themes of adventure, discovery, new possibilities and 'Big Ideas'. This is also how I want my kid to learn and grow. Through taking the first step to discovery, and taking each experience as an adventure and using his imagination to reach his goals.

Featuring emerging and established artists from Singapore and the region, the exhibition has been curated with careful attention paid to how children learn and play, appealing to their different senses, models of learning and exploration.
Introduction by Ms Tan Siuli, Senior Curator of the Singapore Art Museum
Official launch of the exhibits by Dr Lily Neo, MP for Tanjong Pagar GRC

Located at SAM at 8Q, the exhibition starts right at the entrance with a hybrid tree made of cut-upsections of different tree trunks and terrariums sealed in glass boxes and this is created by artist Takashi Kuribayashi.

However, what really captured the imagination of my J is the exhibit on level 1, "We Built This Estate!" by Chiang Yu Xiang. 

The exhibit gives children the opportunity to let their creativity run free where they get to build their own world with giant housing blocks that looks like part of a tetris game. Along the walls on the right side, you will also notice there are many kids' artwork mounted like windows in our housing estates.

J kept himself busy by building himself a house. 
Kids' artwork lining the walks of the exhibit.  

If you like doodling, you may be awed by the illustrations that sprawls across the walls and winding their way up the four levels of SAM at 8Q. Band-of-doodlers brings to life a fantastical storytelling of Singapore's folklore, allowing visitors to learn about this special island in more ways than one.

Look how lively the white walls of the SAM at 8Q is with the doodling. 

The exhibit that caught my attention was "Let's Make! Studio" bu Izziyana Suhaimi.

Notice how the walls of this room is quite empty? This installation encourages visitors to create small objects using textiles, which capture their thoughts about the future of the country. Overtime the artwork becomes a collective tapestry of dreams about and of our shaped future. 

That's Izziyana giving us an explanation of the installation

As we did not have much time to spare today, I am definitely keen to be back here with J to make something and contribute to completing the wall.

Want to teach you kids about the moon and keep them occupied at the same time? The Moon Room is also worth spending some time in. The kiddos get to try their hand on some origami, at the same time write a note and throw them up to the moon.

There are 3 other artwork / installations such as Kiko's Secrets, Greenroom II and Dream House, that promises to keep you and your kiddos' imagination run wild. It was unfortunate that we had some place else to rush to, hence we missed out some of these exhibits and activities.

With so much to do and see at the Imaginarium, I do encourage you to have this down as one of your must-dos this March holidays. No time in March? Worry not as the Imaginarium runs from 14 March tip 19 July 2015. 

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Thanks to CRIB society for availing this special preview opportunity to us. 

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