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Thank You Mr Lee

This morning, the first thing the man did was to turn on the telly and tuned into Channel News Asia. Something quite unlike him. It was like there was something we needed to know, only to realise that the greatest leader Singapore ever had has left us. I never took an interest in the country's political state of affairs. But being the history student I was, I am fully aware of the struggles this nation has gone through. Perhaps this is the very reason, I sometimes take the comfort and safety of our country for granted because I was born during a time when we were beginning to enjoy Mr Lee Kwan Yew's fruit of labour.  Reading tributes to Mr Lee that flooded social media today, I thought back to the time I lived overseas as a university student. 

Motherhood Mondays: To the mum who yelled

#motherhood #noyelling #parenting Last Friday, we spent the morning , on a school excursion with J and his classmates at a popular indoor playground. And, I witnessed the worst type of bullying. Source

15 ways on how I embraced motherhood

#motherhood #growingup #parenting #funnyfacts When I was much younger, I knew that even if I did not know where my career leads me to, I want to be a mother.

Imaginarium - A voyage of big ideas

#SingaporeArtMuseum #ImaginariumSG #marchholidaysfun  If you are looking for something to do with your kids this March holidays, then you should not miss visiting SAM's new kids-friendly exhibition, Imaginarium - A voyage of ideas. 

Autumn in Hokkaido 2014 - Part 3

#travelogue #hokkaido #Japan #travelwithkids Here's the 3rd and last installment of our holiday to Hokkaido last September, which was also the furthest we have travelled with the boy. A pocket bursting trip as well, setting us back quite a bit since we had both grannies on the trip as well.

The one about sleeping alone

#sleeptraining #toddlerhood #growingup #parenting Sleep training in our household takes a different form. We were  (still are) more concerned of weaning J of co-sleeping. Maybe it is the weaning of both mother and son in this case. oh my sleeping child