Round up of January 2015

This year, I thought it would be nice to do a post, sort of to round up the hits and the misses of each month.

It will be extremely helpful to have these "jotted" down on the blog, going back to the very reason why this blog exists in the first place - which is to document the bits and pieces of our (mine and the man's) lives when we came together to start a family. It is the little things that matter, and I cannot agree more!
I (still) cannot believe how time has passed us by. Before we can even stop to smell the roses, it is February already.

If I have to describe how January was, it has to be "high-energy", more so at work than anything else.

I spent the first week of the year, working hard to ensure I can present something decent for a project that I was leading. It is my first regional driven project (and a year-long one no less), and I had  to present it at our annual regional meeting. I was also in the organizing committee for the regional meeting, and… there was a launch plus an award event, and a training session, all during the course of the same week. So, one can appreciate the late nights I had to put in and thanks to the hubby for holding the fort at home.


We started on a de-clutter and re-decorate project as well. Just in time for the Lunar  New Year, and I am pleased to say now that my living area is complete. Cosily complete.

Finally, we moved J back into his room. It wasn't as easy compared to the first time we tried to make him sleep on his own. He's obviously older now, and will not settle for a pat and a kiss when he stirs in the middle of the night. Between the man and I, we take turns to squeeze onto his single bed with him. Moving back and forth to his bedroom can happen a couple of times during the course of the night, sometimes so often that I get a surprise finding myself awake in a bed different from the one I last remembered sleeping in. We are still aiming for a night where he sleeps right through without asking for us, and of course it is hurray for having our bed back. 

After 2 months on Gonadotrophin-releasing hormones, my obstetrician says my endometriosis has cleared and this is the optimum time to try for number 2. We have yet to decide if it's going to be another SO-IUI or we will proceed straight into IVF. We shall see while waiting for the next cycle to start. 

We also started J on some sports classes that will hopefully get him to be more active. While it started well, J is showing some signs of wanting to back out of the class. 

Just last week, I attended a Mumpreneur workshop conducted by Mums at Work. Met many mummies who have similar dream as me, at the same time, it was a good time away from work. The session allowed me to think about my priorities, and work on a plan to revive my customized jewellery business, UrbanNook.  

With a fantastic start to the year, let's hope it's an indication on what's to come for the rest of 2015.
Always remember, even when the going is tough, think about 3 things you are thankful for. It made me relieved just by giving thanks for the little things in life. 

With January 2015 out of the way, here's to a great 2015 one and all!