Review of Skylake Skincare Products - WITH GIVEAWAY!

Recently I have been having a series of "uncontrolled" acne breakouts which I suspect is largely hormonal. When that happens, I will need to look for products that are kind to my already sensitive and tortured skin. 

The funny thing about hormone changes is it can sometimes lead to sensitivity towards products that used to work very well.

I had the opportunity to try some Skylake products from Korea. Skeptical at first because I am always of the view that Korean skin care is too rich for my skin. Moreover, their products are usually made for the climate in Korea.

What made me consider giving their products a try is the fact that they are made from 100% natural ingredients. Just from the smell of the products, one can tell the strong use of herbs. 

18 different types in total that have been carefully produced through different stages of natural fermentation and extraction before integrating with other ingredients. The herbs used are known to soothe, hydrate and empower the skin's natural healing power. So I was interested to know how good their products are. 

Anyway, here's what I tried:

Some of you may know I enjoying trying different types of BB cream such as this review here and  here

So when the kind people at Hebeloft that distributes Skylake products here allowed me to choose some products to try, BB cream was definitely on my request list.  

The texture of the BB cream is a little thick and on the sticky side. Hence, it was slightly hard to apply it. This means, it was not as easy to smooth the cream onto my skin as the other BB creams I have tried. Nonetheless, it got absorbed quite quickly, and left a matt sheer on the skin. 

This is my skin without make-up. I have a lot of freckles as well as acne scars. 

Can you see the difference? While not completely covered, Skylake's BB Cream definitely lightened my pigmented and blemished skin. It works as a very good make-up base. It is also great on it's on for days when one wants to go make-up-less. 

Skylake Natural Multi BB Cream retails at $38.00 and comes in two shades. I used #23(natural beige). 

This bottle of essence is great for hydrating and refreshing tired skin. Made from Skylake's patented oriental herbal extract, it surprisingly does not have an overpowering herbal smell like some of their other products. 

The essence, from this picture obviously has a high content of water, which is why it lives up to what it claims to do in terms of deeply moisturising lacklustre skin. 

Green Energy Essence completely absorbed. 

I have been using the Green Energy Essence for some months now. So far, there has not been any sensitive reaction it. In fact, I found that my skin isn't as dry as it used to be. No harm giving this a try if you battle dryness of the skin very often.

Skylake Green Energy Essence is retailing at $78.00. 

Where to buy:
Available at major department stores such as Metro, John Little, BHG and Yue Hwa. Or, visit their e-Store at to purchase. 

Now! Since I love Skylake's BB Cream, I want to share the love with you as well! 

I have two (2) tubes of BB Cream to giveaway. All you need to do is : 

1) Answer this simple question by leaving a comment below : What shade of BB Cream did I use? 

2) Remember to leave me your name and email address.

Giveaway will end 16 February 2015 1700hrs, and is open to readers residing in Singapore only. 

Good Luck! 

Disclaimer: Thanks to the kind people at Hebeloft, I was gifted with Skylake products to try. No compensation was received for this post, and all opinions are my own. 

Updated on 19 Feb 2014:

Happy Chinese New Year, and my apologies for the delay! 
Congratulations to:

1) Siu Ching, &
2) Sarina

…for winning yourselves a tube of Skylake BB Cream each. The folks from Hebeloft will be in touch soon.