5 things I will do differently in 2015

When the year started, I mentioned I wanted 2015 to be about living simply.

"With you by my side, I need nothing very much more." 

Our lives should be revolved around minimalism, and the principle behind it is for us (or rather myself in particular) to focus my time and energy on things that matter, by removing the things that may contribute to being time-wasters. It is my way of catching up with the things I have missed out ever since I became a mother.

Be Present

Increasingly, J requires more of my undivided attention. He always urges me to put down my mobile device(s) so I can play with him. Well, being on social media is part of my day job, hence completely removing it, whether it is on my phone or from my life is near impossible. However, some adjustments will help.

I have removed Facebook and my work emails from my phone and moved them to my tablet. As I don't bring my tablet around all the time, I will not be tempted to check on work when I am with the family.

No more patronizing the boy whenever he tries to have a conversation. More patience even when he has gone on and on about the same thing for the last 20 minutes.

I want to be there during J's growing years especially now that he is at his most inquisitive and surprisingly most insecure too.


Marriage above all

Since the boy was born, our lives have been revolved around him. And, because we don't have much help at home, the three of us are literally inseparable. Nothing wrong with that, although without our marriage, there would be no J. 

I cannot remember when was the last time Hwa and I went on a date, much less been on a holiday, just us. 

I want 2015 to be a year of "us", so I am going to make a conscious effort to date the man more often, just simply doing the things we used to love doing…even if it is just lazing in bed catching up on our favorite dramas. 


Follow my dreams

I picked up making customised jewellery some years back, and it has brought much relief to my rather stressful day job. From making for friends, it became a business which took off when J was still a tiny baby. While my time is often stretched, I want to crave out some time to work on this interest of mine. I still hold onto my dream of re-starting my jewelry making business. I believe as long as I put my mind to it, it will come through. Baby steps first.

Be kind to myself
One thing that I don't do very well is to take care of myself. I sometimes deny myself of any simple treats such as a manicure, or a massage and these are little pleasures that can lift my spirits when things get a little challenging. So, I am going to make sure I put my happiness on the same platform of both the boy and the man. A happy mummy and wife , we get a happy son and husband, no? 

Be Consistent

The thing about making resolutions or plans like these are that I sometimes get caught up with my day-to-day humdrum, I forget and things get back to "normal". So, whether it is the above mentioned, or other plans such as to go for yoga more regularly or to sleep more, I have to constantly remind myself of what I want to see myself acheive at the end of the year.

Are there things you wish to do differently this year?


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