[Media Invite] Virtus Fertility Centre, Singapore

Deciding to start on IVF (in vitro fertilization)  to most couples is a last hope to having children. Yet, it is also an extremely stressful decision as it does not guarantee a child even after going through the painful process. 


Very often, this decision comes after having tried all possible ways of conceiving. 

In Singapore, that means getting into the queue for IVF at one of the government restructured hospitals or, getting a referral to a fertility practitioner for those who wish to go through the private healthcare route. 

Choosing an experienced practitioner is important. Yet, we sometimes don't spend enough time finding out about the fertility centres these specialists are attached too.  

A fertility specialist who's certified to carry out IVF needs to work hand in hand with a group of support professionals such as the embryologist and laboratory technicians (who carry out sperm retrieval and washing)

To undergo IVF is also an emotionally draining experience. Hence, from my opinion,  what sets one centre apart from another is whether or not the staff (at the centre) are compassionate and attentive to the needs of the couple.

Last Wednesday, Australia's largest IVF provider, opened their first Virtus branded fertility centre in Singapore with the country's first "clean-room" embryology laboratory and automated radio-frequency identification, providing peace of mind for the increasing number of Singaporean women undertaking IVF.  

Virtus Fertility Centre Clean room embryology laboratory

The new Radio Frequency Identification system (RFID) the first of it’s kind in Singapore

Virtus Fertility Centre in Singapore will offer the full suite of fertility procedures, right from diagnosing the causes of infertility, to the most advanced such as IVF and ICSI (IntraCytoplasmic Sperm Injection), giving couples the best chance of having children of their own. 

The centre works with their partner specialists to provide consultation and monitoring services, with its own theaters and embryo transfer rooms connected to a " clean room" that is ISO-certified. 

Dr Roland Chieng, Virtus Fertility Centre's Medical Director states that good and clean air quality is essential for embryos to grow. Hence the clean room will ensure the environment in the IVF laboratory has the lowest level possible of environmental pollutants. This will definitely contribute to a higher IVF success rate. 

Additionally, what I noted during my visit is the emphasis on providing support to couples intending to go through any form of fertility treatment. 

"Couples who go through our counseling sessions will adapt better….and that affects our (IVF) outcomes (positively)", mentions Dr Chieng. He continues to add that counsellors make up a very important pillar of any fertility centre, and the fact that they incorporate a counseling competent in their offering, makes it a unique selling point for Virtus. 

Ms Tanja Faessler-Moro, Virtus' certified fertility counsellor shared that 2 counseling sessions are built into the cost of the IVF package. So, couples get to meet up with Tanja just before the injections to prepare for ovulation , and another time just before embryo transfer. For a lack of a better description, Virtus Fertility Centre can perhaps be seen as "journeying through infertility" with couples who are going through treatment with the centre. 

I had a very good session with Tanja during my visit on how to emotionally prepare for an IVF procedure, which I think is fit for a separate post. So do look out for it next week. 

I am actually quite glad that my doctor is one of the specialist partnering Virtus, which means that I will be having my IVF done at the centre sometime this year. I do hope that with the support that Virtus provides, my chances of having number 2 will be come true sooner than later. 

Left to Right: Dr. Roland Chieng, Raju Narayan, Dr. Fong Yang, Professor William Ledger, Dr. Yeong Cheng Toh, Sue Channon, Jennifer Teo, Dr. Andrew Kan.

With this, if you are thinking of starting any fertility treatments, do try to understand a little more from your doctors on the facility that will be used for the various stages of the treatment. Being someone who has used 2 different centers over my 5 SO-IUIs, your own comfort level with the services provided do make a difference, even if it is just a little bit. 

To find out more about Virtus Fertility Centre and the cost of IVF at the centre, you can visit virtusfertilitycentre.com.sg or leave your message on this form.

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Disclaimer: I was invited to the opening event for Virtus Fertility Centre and my doctor is one of the practitioners on their panel of specialists. However, no compensation was received for this post, and all opinions are my own. Virtus Fertility Centre had no prior knowledge that I might be a patient at the centre in the near future.