Autumn In Hokkaido 2014 - Part 1

We just returned from our year end vacation, yet our autumn in Hokkaido posts are not up yet! Since it was a packaged tour, I thought taking you guys on a pictorial tour will be best!

We started our 7 days in Hokkaido with a visit to the Northern Horse Park.

There's lots to do around this huge park. Other than riding in the horse carriage which we did, there's also pony show to entertain the little ones. 

If you enjoy cycling, there's different types of 2 or 3 wheeler for you to try.
We were treated to some tasty BBQ at the park's restaurant. And, if you have more time on your hands to spend at the park, why not try your hands at archery, or the other activities they have at there. 

(Otherwise known as the wife and husband waterfalls). 

Located at Sounkyo, Hokkaido, the waterfalls are the base of the Daisetsuzan National park.  The temperature was rather chilly even though we were there only at the start of autumn. According to this blog, the view during winter is also quite breathtaking. A pity we only managed a pitstop here. So bookmarking this so we can take a hike if we ever self-drive to Hokkaido in the near future.

Our first stop on Day 2 was Asahikawa Otokoyama Sake Brewery. Not a sake fan, but it was interesting to see how it is brewed nonetheless. There's also spring water at the entrance of the brewery that's free for everyone to drink from.

Otokoyama's Brewery also has a vast garden in front of the property where J has quite some fun exploring. 

Hokkaido has very wide roads, and is relatively easy to self drive. Car rentals also come with English GPS, hence I strongly recommend for everyone to drive on your own as long as it is not winter.

Look out for my next post on the other sights we found ourselves at. Have you been to Hokkaido? If yes, did you visit some of the places mentioned here?