A minimalist 2015

When we made the decision to embark on the inevitable IVF journey in 2015, we knew at the back of our minds that we needed to make some changes to how we lived our lives.

Honestly, I don't know if I am physically prepared for the journey. 

Always stressing over work, and harbouring the mummy's guilt, plus the many other things on my to do list, it does seem l impossible for my already weak physique to go through the quest.

Something needs to give so that stress of any form does not consume us. 

Last week, after my brother-in-law moved out of our house (after 8 good years), I felt like a heavy weight has been lifted off my shoulders.

What sparked this off was seeing my store room half empty, and J's room now vacated permanently.

Basically, it means I can now move things around the house, trash some things, give some away and make way for items that will make the place a whole lot more cozy. 

My mother hates clutter, so with a lot of Filipinos I know. And, I am half a Filipino who obviously feels the same.  When I had to live with "mess " when I got married it made me very very unhappy. I cannot remember a time when I wasn't nagging at the man to clean up. 

Clutter in any form, gives rise to stress as we need to constantly think of what to do with them. It is often a huge waste of money too as we go out to buy new stuff when the item we need is really kept amongst a sea of stuff hidden somewhere in the house.

With that, 2015 will see us focus on minimalism.

We have always heard of the phrase less is more. It indeed is.
  • Less physical clutter, means less time needed to housekeep. This means more time to focus on what's important. 
  • Living with what we have, and not getting hung up by consumerism, saves us more money. 
  • A less packed schedule, means we get a better quality life, and the list goes on.
So, yes. We are (or I am, for a start) going to work on the following this year, starting from the home,

Declutter. Junk the items I have not seen and used in the past year or more and organize the the home.

Simplify my wardrobe. A fellow mummy blogger embarked on  Project 333 which got me looking into my impluse clothes buying habit. Instead of diving into the project, I am challenging myself to wear whatever I have not thrown out in the next 3 months.

Staying close to home. Let me tell you…. traveling with a young child, and an active one no less is no joke. J drove me nuts with his incessant chattering from Hong Kong till we got home, plus the packing, unpacking. So less travel will be welcome.

However, that is not saying I will say no to #staycations or trips to nearby #resorts. :)

Detox my heart. Sometimes, we whine too much, gossip too often and criticize unnecessarily. Less of such encourages positivity in my opinion.

Eat clean ( as much as possible).

Give. I am in search of orphanages in The Philippines where I can sponsor a kid or two, and possibly in near future, bring J to help out there.

There! My resolutions for 2015. Have you made yours? What are your priorities? Would love to hear from you! 

PS. I will be sharing projects that I start to acheive these over the year, so stay tuned! 

Till my next post, have a fabulous week ( or what's left of it).

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