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A round-up of 2014

So, it's the time of the year to look back and think about where we have done well or fouled up. Honestly, 2014 is definitely better than expected after coming out of a rather dreary 2013. What better way to recount the year by going through my "15 before 15" list. A report card of sorts.

Being a better mum

source As I scanned through my list of my " 15 before 15" (which is the list of 15 things I wanted to achieve before 2015), some of them is about spending more (quality) time with J although not explicitly expressed. I constantly struggle to find that balance and it leads to what I call a world wide phenomena of the "working mothers' guilt".

Infertility: What I learnt from it.

Many of you probably know that we did not have an easy time  trying to conceive our first child. J came to us via our first cycle of stimulated intrauterine insemination or SO-IUI as some people know it. This happened after we have tried a couple of ways to get pregnant to no avail, and we embarked on SO-IUI, We had very little expectations as we have heard of low success rates doing so. We were probably much better off doing IVF.