Staycation: Wanderlust Hotel

We used to travel out of town for our birthdays since we got married. These days, with the man's crazy schedules, my never ending pile of work to do, plus the addition of a little rascal, it isn't always easy to plan something ahead of time.

That said, we will still try to spend some quality time together, and it seems like staycations are the answer to having some time to rest and relax.

Earlier this year, I had a birthday staycation with the 2 men in my life. Hence, for the husband, I planned a one night getaway at Wanderlust Hotel, with the intention of exploring Little India in the evening (which did not happen by the way because the little rascal wanted to sleep).

Wanderlust Hotel is part of the Unlisted Collection Group, the good people behind popular boutique hotels 1929 and The Majestic.

I  am a sucker for boutique type hotels which often comes with impecceable service and a unique experience. This one did not disappoint. 

Minutes after confirming my booking via, the service staff from Wanderlust dropped me an email almost immediately after to attend to my "birthday cake" request. 

Breakfast is served at the establishment's restaurant Cocotte, semi buffet style. We get to pick our  mains,   and bread is eat all you can. Their pastries especially the chocolate danish was really really yummy.  I had 4 at a go! Coffee was aromatic and full bodied, very enjoyable indeed.