Raising awareness for Child Literacy

My mother has always emphasized the importance of education since we were kids.

We were not very well to do. So, mum always tells us that the only way for us to have a better a life is to ensure we are well-educated. While her constant nagging for us to study hard was bothersome then, I cannot be more thankful for it now.

As I graduated from University and got into my first job, I decided to help see one of my cousins in the Philippines through school despite not earning a great deal of money.

My wish for them was the same wish my mum had for us. Education is going to be the first crucial step for them to find a means of supporting themselves in the future. My brother did the same and is today, continuing to help the underprivileged to take baby steps towards improving their lives.

WOW Kids
Started by a group of 28 individuals (which one of them is my blood bro! ), with the vision to help improve literacy amongst underprivileged kids, they have launched a 30-day campaign with their 2 beneficiaries  to:

1. Inspire the children by being role models and showing that that "anything is possible";

2. Assist to enroll committed and passionate volunteers who are dedicated to the personal development of the children;

3. And, to create a sustainable change in the homes and the personal spaces of the children by building reading corners and providing good quality reading materials and tools to support them.

Personally, I think this is a very worthy cause, and if you think it resonates well with you, perhaps helping out with WOW Kids could be a consideration?

Find out how you can get involved : http://wowkids.sg/howyoucanhelp.html

The most immediate would be to help out at the WOW Kids Carnival that's happening on 7 December 2014.  The WOW Kids team is looking for volunteers to engage with 150 underprivileged kids at the carnival. So, if you are keen to be part of this initiative, why not drop them your information on this form. 

Also, if you have books to donate to these kids, do contact the folks from WOW Kids as well!


Disclaimer: I am personally not involved in WOW Kids. I am helping to do a shoutout of the group's activities. All opinions are my own.