Poolzies Pool Shoes + GIVEAWAY!

Water playgrounds have become commonplace in hot and sunny Singapore, and they are great for keeping the little ones cool and occupied. When I run out of ideas of how to occupy J, we will either bring him downstairs to the pool or to a nearby water play ground.

What bothers me about public water playgrounds is the hygiene. Those little feet step all over the rubberized ground. We don't know how often it is sanitized and is likely a breeding ground for germs. It is also often a hazard for kiddos to run around barefooted as they might step on something sharp or in some cases slip and fall. The risk of the latter is even higher at swimming pools as the tiles are usually quite slippery.

The idea of Poolzies was conceived by an expat couple, Steve and Pia who were equally or even more concerned about the above mentioned issues. While they found a pair of pool shoes which solved their problem, they realized that similar products cannot be found in Singapore. Hence the birth of Poolzies on this little island country.

With a non-slip and abrasion resistant sole, Poolzies prevents falls and protects tiny feet from hot surfaces. Made of stretchable material, Poolzies not only protect, but are extremely comfortable too! It is pretty evident from the pictures below that J enjoyed his pair of Poolzies very much.

J picked the "Reflective Speed" design in size 24 to 36 mths.
Poolzies come in 10 different designs, so you will be able to find something that your little one will like. 
Fits snugly on J's feet. 
J love to run from one pool to another at our condo.
With Poolzies, we were less worried of him slipping and falling on the ground. 
The one surface which the Poolzies did not really work on was the super smooth tiles at our condo's wading pool.  With the Poolzies, J had to walk really slowly to prevent slipping. This is probably because the water plus the tiles made it hard for tiny feet to grip. However, other than this one occurrence, J insists on having his Poolzies on when we are at water playgrounds. 

A very good kiddy product I must say although it probably needs more introduction to pool or playground management in Singapore where it is mandatory for kids to remove footwear to be able to enter. These pool shoes are sometimes regarded as footwear. While we did not encounter any entry refusal, I know a few mummies have. Hence, hope Steve & Pia will work on getting the necessary approvals for use of Poolzies at major water play areas! 

Where to buy: http://shop.poolzies.com
Keep in touch: www.facebook.com/poolzies


Now! After saying so much…. here's your chance to win a pair of Poolzies for your little one! I have ONE (1) on the blog to giveaway! 

Giveaway is open from today till 12am on 19 November 2015. So, if you have not won from other mummy bloggers' giveaway, you can try your luck here! 

Have fun and All the best!
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Disclaimer: J received a pair of pool shoes from the good people at Poolzies. No compensation was received, and opinions are my own.