At 2.5 years old

Hello there little man!

Papa often says how you have overtaken him as the love of Mummy's life, and I can understand why.

You have the qualities of mummy's dream guy. You are funny and say the darnest things that often gets me bending down in stitches.

While sometimes you get whiny just be because you don't get your way, I see that as you knowing what you want.

You are affectionate, and is not afraid to show it. I love how you lay your head on my flabby tummy and tell me you love me (almost every night), and that melts my heart through and through.

Your overflowing energy tires me out but it also reminds me how much more we can do to help you grow. To put that energy and enthusiasm into good use.

I often marvel at how much you have grown in just 2 years. Today, you are able to speak in full sentences, and articulate your rebuttals very clearly. You love to tell me about  your friends in school, about how they have been naughty and you haven't (which I know isn't always the case). 

You have recently started on your " thousand whys" which is sometimes irritating, yet it is so amazing how you take an interest in everything that happens around you. 

You are able to tell if anyone at home is feeling down, and readily offers your loving pat or smelly hugs as a form of comfort.

Without much effort from Papa and Mummy, you are already toilet trained in the day time. It will not be long before we can save on diapers. 

As you continue to find yourself, I will continue to be here to guide you so you will be the fine young man I envisage you to be....

At this point, there is one thing I ask of you.. and that is to "Quit that pacifier sucking habit!!!!" You know you don't need it. You even know it is embarressing to use it as you remove it when you see people watching you. So, isn't it time to just dump it?? That said, I know you will eventually tell me you don't want the "tutu" anymore. So I should really be patient, but please don't make me wait too long yah?

As always, Mummy loves you! So does Papa! Grow well, stay healthy and be the happy kid that you have always been!

Love, your Mar-Meee Boo (that's how you call me when you are feeling cheeky!)

Learning to do the we-fie at 2.5years old.