Fit & Fab for a Working Mum

At 34  and after one child, I am at my heaviest. Almost 10kg heavier since we got married and 7kg heavier than the time before we had kids. The post pregnancy weight seems to have the same stubborn streak as me and it is sometimes depressing to even look into the mirror. 

Unlike some lucky ladies where weight stays at bay without much effort, I need to work harder to lose and maintain my weight. gets harder with age I tell you! 

Being heavier is one thing. Staying fit and healthy with the added weight is another. 

When I stopped breast feeding pre-maturely, and saw my weight remaining stagnant, I panicked. I tried all ways to lose the extra kilos, and got stressed over it.  Then when I returned to work after my maternity leave, the need to juggle so many things at once made me sluggish, and extremely unhealthy. Both physically and mentally. Being heavier made me sometimes dislike myself. I hated what I saw in the mirror. So much for being the usual self-confident person. 

Anyway, if you read an earlier post, I decided for the sake of the family, myself, and more importantly… our dream of having a second bundle of joy, I must work towards a fitter and more fabulous me. Our obgyn did mention before that our nultiple failed SO-IUI in recent months could be also because I am too stressed. 

If I manage to lose some weight along the way, that's definitely a bonus. 

Joining Alicia from Beanie N Us and other mummies on the #sgfitandfab30 blog train Here's some steps I am taking to a healthier me. 

1) Set achievable goals. Start slow. 
I used to execise about 3 times a week. But in the last 2 years, with the only exercise I come close to doing is running after my son, it takes some getting used to when I decided to start getting fit again. I began with swimming about 10 laps every Monday, slowing increasing the number of laps each week. Recently, I started to exercise more than once a week, going for Yoga classes on Wednesdays first, before adding another class on Thursdays. Now, after about 5 months, I am back to exercising about 3 times a week. 

Yoga not only helps with flexibility and strength. It is also great for relaxation amidst all the daily madness. 

2) Make use of your lunch hour. 
"No time! Busy!" has been my favorite (or rather, only) excuse for not exercising. How convenient to just blame it on the job… or worse, the kid (and the man). Granted there's truth to that, it takes a conscientious step to find pockets of time to do something that's going to be good for everyone! 

Since I started on the #sgfitandfab30 challenge with some mummies from Singapore Mom Bloggers, I have been going for yoga during lunch time at least once a week, at the same time realising how a mid-day yoga session helps with balancing cranky mood for better focus at work. 

3) Exercise with the family
Because we don't get to spend a lot of time with J on weekdays, we try to head out every weekend to do fun, outdoor-sy type activities that involves a lot of running, jumping and even swimming. So while we tend to pig-out on weekends, these activities keep our calories balanced. It is also easier to keep to an exercise routine when everyone takes part. 

4) Eat clean. Detox. 
I watch what I eat on weekdays. The man loves his food, and loves them better if I indulge with him.  So, weekends are hard for me to be selective as I tend to let him take the lead with our meals. Here's where being a full time working mom helps. I will load up during breakfast, and have a very light lunch of either salads, or pure protein with no carbohydrates. Since Wednesdays and Thursdays are yoga days, breakfast on these days are slightly heavier. 

One thing I do every morning is to gulp down a glass of lemon infused water or water with lemon essential oils.  This helps to kick start our system by helping to rid the body of toxins. 

5) Walk walk walk 
Yup! It is as simple as that. Urban dwellers, especially us Singaporeans are very pampered with transport available to almost every possible place we want to get to. I sometimes take a train from Orchard to Somerset to meet friends over lunch when I can really just walk. It takes only about 10 to 15 minutes to do so. Instead of driving to the market, why not take a stroll there? Instead to taking the lift, why not stop halfway and walk up the stairs to where you want to get there? I remembered when I was pregnant with J, I walked a lot, and very fast too. All that exercise not only helped me breeze through the pregnancy, and also made the labour very smooth.

It is not easy to keep to a fitness routine. It is even harder to get your butt off the chair to start exercising. However, once you start, it becomes easier. 

I always remind myself why I want to stay fit and who I am doing this for. Keeping the end in mind helps. So 加油 to all of you wanting to be fit and fab too! 

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