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Turning to the one we love

The blog hasn't received any love recently, and some of you might know why. The past 3 weeks have been one of the toughest periods I have encountered on all fronts, especially at work. As with all jobs, comes varying levels of stress at different periods of time. However, when the job has to be managed with mummy responsibilities, endless chores plus other health matters, the weight of the world seemed to have just landed on my shoulders.

In Conversation #5: Hypnotherapy for kids

"Hypnotherapy can help kids overcome behavioral changes" Before I delve into today's "In Conversation", I just wanted to say that my blog is not just about mummies and stuff. More often than not, the experiences I share here are The Man and my parenting experience. Just that The Man prefers not to make any writing appearance on the blog. Oh well. Having said that, I will be speaking with fathers as part of the my "In Conversation" series. The parenting perspective from dads can be helpful for us mums to take a leaf from. Yes?  Today, I am extremely excited to have Samuel Tan, single dad to a Primary 2 girl who interestingly is also certified in hypnotherapy!  Read on to find out why he took up the discipline, and what he uses it for. 

Packaged Tours with toddlers

Packaged tour with toddlers isn't so scary after all! Whenever we travel as a couple, we will do everything ourselves. From booking of our air tickets, to searching for boutique hotels, and planning the itinerary in detail. I enjoy every bit of holiday planning as that means there is something to look forward to. When we started to take our mothers out on holidays, we tried doing the planning as well. But, there will be things we want to see that does not interest them and vice versa. 

Fit & Fab for a Working Mum

At 34  and after one child, I am at my heaviest. Almost 10kg heavier since we got married and  7kg heavier than the time before we had kids. The post pregnancy weight seems to have the same stubborn streak as me and it is sometimes depressing to even look into the mirror.  Unlike some lucky ladies where weight stays at bay without much effort, I need to work harder to lose and maintain my weight. gets harder with age I tell you!