In conversation #2 - The Nice Rebel Rabbit

Today, I have got " The nice rebel rabbit" on the blog.

An educator, bursting with positivity, who loves life and lives life to the fullest. That's Becky, a mother of 2 boys with very different temperaments. Let's hear from her on how motherhood has made her the person she is. 

If you are curious to find out why she calls herself "The nice rebel rabbit", read till the end of this post! 

1)   How is your daily schedule like?

Becky: I think my daily schedule does not differ much from any other working mother. However, because my children's main care giver is my mom, who lives a distance from us, I lead a “nomadic” life on weekdays.

6:15am - The dawn yawn. I wake up at 6:15am every morning. Bless my husband, he would have woken up Myles, my firstborn by then and have gotten him to eat his breakfast. I know I am really blessed.

6:40am – The Aungs are on the move! The last thing we leave our house is to grab 19 month Callum who hopefully continues his sleep in the car.

7:15am – Dropped and bid farewell to Myles at school. He is in Primary 1 by the way. 

7:30am – Dropped and bid farewell to Callum at my mom’s place and whisper “good luck” to my mom!

7: 50am – Reached school (I teach by the way!)

5:30pm – Official work is over. Journey back to Mom’s place.

6:30pm -  Feed Callum

7pm -  Dinner time. We take turns to have dinner – because Callum sticks to me like glue to paper.

8pm - Bid Farwell to mom and journey home.

8:30pm -  Reached home.

8:40pm – Finish up whatever coaching necessary with Myles and ensures he plays his piano etc.

9:15pm – We take turns to shower.

10pm – LIGHTS OUT!

This schedule is slightly different on Wednesdays when Myles have his Chinese lesson and on Fridays when Myles have his piano lessons .

2)    What is the one thing being a full time working mother has taught you?

There is a time for everything.

When it is time to work, enjoy your work and give your best at it. Enjoy your colleagues, have great adult conversations and be grateful for being able to participate in and contribute in whatever industry you may come from. 

However, do not think that you are indispensable at work that you have to be there to slog all the hours that are supposed to be for your family.

When it is time at home, give your best to your family. Play with your children, flirt with your husband and have a pint of ice-cream and laugh at and with each other. There is no need to feel that you need to be at work when you are at home and vice versa.

Do what you can, celebrate what you have and acknowledge that you cannot solve everything and be there all the time (home or office).

Find time for yourself. I find that if I have time for myself, I am at peace with myself and am calmer to be a nicer person, better and more lovable person to people around me.

3)  If a newly minted mother comes to you and says working and caring for a child is so hard, what would your one advice be for her?

If someone comes with such a question, then she is probably on the right track. 

She is probably already doing all she can and realizes that she cannot do it all or cannot have it all and is feeling the heat. 

Therefore, I would ask her to laugh it off. When nothing seems to work, I just look at the mess/situation and laugh. Find humour in all situations and be more forgiving. 

Towards yourself, your spouse, your main care giver and your children and acknowledge that you have given your best in whatever situation and MOVE ON. There are no “exit” doors for parents since you are stuck being parents forever, you might as well enjoy the ride! 

4)  I understand that there was a period where you went through a couple of miscarriages and an ectopic pregnancy before you had your younger child. What made you persevere to have come this far?

Some call it madness, others termed it as bravery. I think it was a journey of faith and self-discovery. I could have “given up” but I know I will regret it. 

I do not want to live with “what ifs” and we always believed that it is better to have a sibling for Myles. 

For us, we laugh and say it might be a matter of “Law of large numbers”, the more tries, the higher the success rates, similar to cold calling in sales. 

Do not wallow in self-pity or engaged in unproductive complains that serves no good purposes. 

I am grateful for friends, family and a very supportive husband who is in every step of the journey supporting the entire process with love, prayers and hope.

 Not everyone succeed at the end of the journey so we are thankful and grateful and our prayers goes out to all who are trying so hard to be parents.

5)  So, why do you call yourself "the nice rebel rabbit"? 

My husband used to have a bunny that loves to eat chicken skin. I have absolutely no idea how his rabbit ended up eating chicken skin and not greens! He also likes to call me "Bun" because I think I am cute and cuddly like one (or he thinks there's no thin rabbits on earth). So, I am like his raddit, always up to no good, meat eating , and really rebellious. Not, that I am really rebellious, but would love to have the guts to do greater things!

I run a fortnightly "Working Mommas' Survival Tips linky", and this In Conversation series, we have guest parents on the blog to share how they manage this thing called parenthood amidst all other daily madness. If you have a tip or two  (or many many) to share, do link up here. 


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