In conversation #1 - The organised mummy

On the blog today is Geraldine Low, mother of 2 beautiful girls aged 7 and 4. Gerry, as I like to call her,  is also a passionate digital marketer in the financial services industry. That says a lot. As someone who has been in a similar role before... the work hours are crazy!

When I had J, she was always the first person I'd go to when I needed sound mummy advice. Needless to say, she was also the first person I thought of to start this new "In conversation" series.

1) You have 2 lovely girls. Who takes care of them while you are at work and, breifly, how's your after work schedule like?

Gerry:  Adriel is in primary one now. So she stays at home after school and follows a time-table that I have worked out for her. Our helper will then help to attend to her needs and watch over her. Alexea, the younger girl on the other hand, is in a childcare centre. On days when we need an extra pair of hands at home while we are at work, my mother-in-law will chip in  to hel 
 Can I take the opportunity tell her I love her? *laughs*

The craziness starts the moment I'm home. The good thing is I need not cook, and that gives me more time with the girls. I will take the time to catch up with the girls, and talk about their day in school. I will bath the girls and then have dinner together.

After dinner, it is homework time with Adriel, at the same time,  attend to Alexea, such as play with her and read to her. Multi-tasking between a primary kid n nursery girl can sometimes be a huge challenge, but also very fulfilling. 

2) Was it difficult when you had your first child and had to work at the same time? How long did you take to find the most optimum arrangement for you and your family?

Gerry:  The daily routine was set for Adriel a month before I went back to work after maternity, so it wasn't difficult. the difficulty was more on managing the breastfeeding and pumping schedule and being hands-on mum. I wanted to attend to all the girls' needs when I am at home, not wanting to depend on other people. 

After Alexea was born, we placed her at an infant care facility, and Adriel into childcare.
That was when I started to have to rush off from work to ensure I can pick the girls up on time. 
A properly planned schedule helps to ease the busy working mum's life, from preparing and sending to school before work, picking up the kids, dinner, playtime to bedtime. So, optimum arrangement needs a very well planned schedule. 

3) As mothers, we always want to give our kids the best, teach them good values that will see them through their lives. If you can only teach them one value, what would that be and why?

Gerry: *Laughs* Tough question when I can only choose one. I want to teach them so many values!

Love your family, be considerate, To learn when you fall. They need to fall to learn, I gave my advice and warning, but if they don't heed them, then they got to learn the hard way. I'll still be watchful and still be there for them though.

4) What is the one tip you can give to new FTWMs?

Gerry: Have daily routine in place but you need not jump if things are not according to routine. Have some back up plans/arrangement for ease of mind. Enjoy growing up with the kids ;)


I started the "Working Mommas Survival Tips" (WMST) linky sometime last year, with the hope that other blogging mothers will share their experience juggling their jobs (whether it is full time, part time, work from home arrangements etc) and their family. The series went under the radar for some time which really is because I ran out of tips. 

So, I thought long and hard if I should just abandon the series altogether. Then, I decided maybe I should invite other non-blogging mummies to contribute. It will be a refreshing change to read about these "wonder-mummies" , some of whom have extraordinary stories to share, and invaluable advice to offer. 

"In conversation" will run as part of the WMST linky series,. Every fortnight. I will have a guest on the blog sharing his/her unique story. Anyone who wants to link up and share tips on managing work and family, don't forget to add the WMST button on your post and link away! 


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