Bukit Batok Nature Park - Fun for Free SG

I have lived in the western part of Singapore almost all my life, and I am really proud to be a "westie"! There's so many fun things to do here, and some of them come at absolutely no cost!

So, today, follow me and let me show you around Bukit Batok Nature Park - a hidden gem of the west.

Bukit Batok Nature Park is set around an abandoned quarry, with lush forests that's home to many types of fauna. The park is very popular with runners as it offers a number of running routes, as well as nature lovers who enjoying taking peaceful walks amidst all the greenery.

Did you know that the park has quite a history as well?

This was the site back in war times where the Japanese built memorials to honour their dead soldiers. The war memorials are now destroyed and what's left are 2 pillars and 120 steps leading to a mediaccorp transmission tower, and it is at "meeting point 3" from the map below.

With J in tow, we did not manage to get that far, but if you have older kids, the forest track that leads up to the memorial site is a good terrain for a nice slow family jog.

source: nparks.gov.sg

So here we are! Taking a mandatory shot at the park entrance (meeting point 1 on the map).

For families with younger kids, we recommend that you follow the road track and make your way towards to the Plaza and quarry. The distance is  managable, and lots to do and see along the way. The road is also suitable if your kiddies want to cycle or scoot, or in my case, use the stroller.
Shall we go, Papa? 
From left, clockwise: 1) Hand in hand, we started our jog. Can you tell mummy and J are in matchy match gear? 2) A family that jogs together stays together! 3) J is taking a break. LOL. 
And off he goes again , starting on his solo jogging gig. 
We saw the " Beware of falling durians" sign, and stopped a couple of times to try to spot durians on the trees.

There were also times we tried to see if we can spot little iguanas and squirrels in the forest, and sometimes launch in a mini " hunting" game. It is always funny to see him bent over in a half squat by the side of the road track going " Where mummy where?".

At the end of the road track, that's where more fun begins!

Playground with Sand
I would like to think this is one of the few playgrounds in Singapore that still has sand instead of some formy, rubbery floor tiles. Having sand actually opens up more play possibilities, means we get to spend more time here... (and tire the kiddies out !.) *evil laugh*

Tadpole Catching
Ok.. I am not sure if that is allowed at the park. But, on my various visits to the park, there will always be some kids trying to spot tadpoles, and attempt to catch them! If you wait patiently, you may be able to see shoals of tiny fishes swimming by. 
Little kids getting closer to nature. Best way to learn and grow.

Animal Spotting
So, we tried to look for animals on the way to the Plaza area. As we walk further in towards to quarry, these were what we found! 2 tortoises and 3 monkeys!

A pinic with gorgeous scenery
The park makes a perfect place for a morning or evening picnic, where the kids explore, and the parents sit and enjoy the peace.

Jogging routes 
For those keen to explore beyond the main road track, there's many jogging tracks, with different gradients and terrains. Great for cross training.

The paths to the various jogging routes. 

Bukit Batok nature park is truly a hidden gem with something for everyone. And, if you are keen to explore beyond, the park is linked to NParks' Park Connector that will take you to Little Guilin. So much possibilities and so much more to see and do. Maybe it is time to take a trip to the western side of Singapore, and see what we have here to offer. Absolutely free!

Tip: Don't forget that mosquito patch / repellent. The mozzies here are huge!

How to get to the park:

Take buses 61, 66, 157, 178, 852 or 945 and stop along Bukit Batok East Avenue 6.

If you are driving, you can park at the carpark along Bukit Batok East Avenue 2.

Yo yo!!! Join me next weekend for my weekly jog? 

Want to know where else in Singapore you can have fun for free? Why not stay tuned on this blog train? 

We have The Kam Family tomorrow to bring us to Lower Pierce Reservior Park, another great place for nature lovers. 

The Kam Family loves to visit all the fun places in Singapore, especially the great outdoor. It's precious time for family bonding, spending quality time together, soaking up some sunshine, and breathing in some fresh air. The kids get to explore, run, and laugh and sweat it all out, while the adults get to sit down to chat and relax - the reason why we loves to head outdoor! 


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