5 ways to staying positive


After going through quite a bit trying for a child (more so the second, non-existent one), and while we are not the worst off couple, the set-backs have brought me to tears on many occasions. Sometimes... well, just occasionally, I ask why me?

But, every time I am done with wallowing in self pity, I pick myself up and move on. My mum always taught me that even if I cried myself silly, till my eyes are all swollen, the world doesn't stop revolving. More importantly, what am I going to do about it.

There are so many factors that can bring about a bad situation. While we cannot change what happened, we can always change our attitude.

I was never a born optimist. Even till today, I am definitely not the most positive person you can find on the streets. However, I have along my life learnt to look at both sides of the coin. There will always be a possibility of ending up worse off. So, my mantra is always to be thankful that I am still alive today to make any bad situation better. And, if I cannot make it better, then what next?

There are some people in my life today who I wish never existed. The things they say, the way they say it and how they view everything around them is just toxic. I sometimes feel tired being around them, and I wonder if they every get exhausted just being so angry and over analyzing every little thing.

I wish I can offer them some advice. Perhaps not in their faces, so maybe let's do it here.

Do not underestimate what a simple smile can do. Have you tried to smile and then later frown? When people say it takes less muscles to smile than frown, it's very true. It lifts the mood, just what you need when you are having a bad day.

2. SING (Maybe just hum if you are in the office) 
I am usually plugged in when I am working in the office. The music keeps me in an upbeat mood. And I sometimes hum a happy tune when I sense tension in the office. At the end of a stressful day, I will sing out my heart out in the shower. Best way to keep spirits high!

Having a hobby helps to channel energies that goes into negative thoughts to something more positive. I used to make jewelry, and now I bake. Sometimes, when I feel the world is against me, I look forward to going home, and making some yummy cake or bread. Best part is, I get some sugar at the end of it to lift my spirits.

We have all heard the benefits of exercising. It releases endorphins and triggers positive feelings. So when you feel that things are no going your way , why not hit the gym, or do some yoga?

When you are with negative people for too long, it is inevitable to get influenced by all the negativity. It works the same way with positive people. I practise this all the time. When I feel someone around me gets toxic with their regular whining and complaints, I will stay away. I also try to check myself, to ensure I don't get toxic to others as well.

Do you have negative people around you? What would your advice be to them? I would love to hear from you if you have any advice to share!

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