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My Thoughts on Primary One Registration.

Well... there is still a few years before I need to worry about getting J into a primary school. The unfortunate thing is my affiliation is with a ( popular) all girls school and the man doesn't have any. Initially, when I knew I had a boy, it did cross my mind that I must be diligent in doing all these parent volunteering and what nots due to our lack of so-called advantage.   However, with the recent discussions around the P1 registrations, I begin wonder what I would do when it's our turn.

Hard Rock Hotel Bali

3 weekends back saw our whole office of 15 people spending an interesting 3 days together at Bali. Usually for events like this, the team either end up closer than ever, or worse off than before. Let's just say we all had a fantastic time. We were put up at Hard Rock Hotel Bali. I must say I was (secretly) excited to check the hotel out so I can add Bali into our next holiday destination.  The Hard Rock chain of hotels always had a reputation of being family friendly with a touch of "edginess". 

Drypers Drypantz: 5 reasons why we switched to diaper pants

J is now fully on diaper pants. I cannot imagine pinning him down just to change his diapers. If you are a mother of boys, you can perhaps relate to these little monsters having the knack for running around butt naked at any chance possible. And precisely because he cannot keep still, that's why diapering becomes a daily struggle. 

Vaby Box - Sample box for mums and bubs

Some of you might be familiar with monthly subscription boxes with samples you can try of the latest products in the market. One such popular service is Bella Box, the beauty related box of monthly surprises. Now...expecting mums, mums and babies can look forward to a similar subscription service, where a box of age relevant items are sent to members on a monthly basis.

5 ways to staying positive

Source After going through quite a bit trying for a child (more so the second, non-existent one), and while we are not the worst off couple, the set-backs have brought me to tears on many occasions. Sometimes... well, just occasionally, I ask why me? But, every time I am done with wallowing in self pity, I pick myself up and move on. My mum always taught me that even if I cried myself silly, till my eyes are all swollen, the world doesn't stop revolving. More importantly, what am I going to do about it.

Behind the Scenes - The writing process blog hop

I have been blogging since 2005, on the now defunct social media platform Friendster ( well... friendster still exists, just that it is now a social gaming site) . Come next year, I would have blogged for a decade. That sure sounds like a pretty long time. And, all these years, I have never written or talked about in much detail on why and how I blog.

Agape Babies - A review

 The first time I ever heard about Agape Babies was when I just gave birth to J. I recalled a friend sent me an emailer with some items on sale at the online store. Ever since then, I have counted on them to get my supply of California Baby products.