Philips and Disney Night Lights - Bedtime Fun

Some months back, I managed to train J to sleep in his own bedroom, and that went pretty well. Other than occasional calls for comfort at about 1am, he pretty much can sleep on his own.

Just when I thought I am done with co-sleeping, he sort of regressed. We had visitors who stayed at our place for a week. So J got back into our bed during that period. Yup.... and now he doesn't want to leave! Urgh! Now, whenever it's bedtime, no matter how we try to steer him into his bedroom, he will find his own way back into ours. We tried all our old tricks of getting him to cloud watch in his room etc, he is still insistent on sleeping with Papa and Mummy. And, now that he is getting older, it is harder to get him to sleep. What usually takes 15 minutes, now takes 30 minutes or more. 

This boy of ours loves to be close to us. In fact I think he sleeps better when he can snuggle up against us. It is security I guess. That said,we definitely need to find new ways to get him back to his room, although to be honest, I do love how he enjoys being around us. 

I was invited to the launch of a series Philips and Disney night lights some weeks back. The event was not only to launch the lights, but also a pyjamas party for our little ones. It was a pity that I couldn't pick J up in time to join in the fun. 

Well, but this mummy here was (secretly) glad to have the night off from entertaining the endless exclaimations of  "Marmee wat dat?"and "NO! Doe wan seep!" from the boy. 

 Oh yes! ever since this 2-year-old found his voice, he is making sure Mummy gets his messages loud and clear. In this case, it is his dislike for sleeping. 

Philips and Disney Imaginative Lighting: Helping to chase away the Bedtime Monsters. 
The super adorable Philips and Disney SoftPals. 
The SoftPals make really great companions in bed. 
The moment I arrived at the party, I was taken by the super cute SoftPals. I knew at that moment, J will definitely love them, and it seemed like the perfect tool to engage him in some bedtime fun.

The new range of Philips and Disney night lights not only includes the Softpals which comes in 4 designs, Classic Mickey and Minnie Mouse, Mike and Sully from Monsters Inc, but also the Philips and Disney Cars and Princess night light and image projector. These sure makes bedtime story telling so much more fun.

The thing I found interesting at the event was the insightful findings from a survey Philips commissioned around kids' bedtime routine. 

According to the survey:
  • The top 2 fears at bedtime is that of being alone and the fear of scary monster. 
  • 69.7% of children do not sleep on their own, and waking up in the night is the norm. 
  • 43.5% of parents said their little ones wake up an average of once or twice each night, and one reason is to look for their parents. 
These findings resonated well with why J wakes in the middle of night when he was sleeping in his own room. It made a lot of sense why he prefers to squeeze into our bed every single night. 

One of the remedies to the above mentioned that's been suggested by child sleep expert , Tammy Fontana is to let the kids sleep with night lights. 

We have never used nightlights with J, and it never occured to us that the dark was an issue to him. So, with this, I was eager to get home to try if night lights do help in getting J to bed alone. 

Before that, here's more pictures at the event. 

Catching up with fellow Mummy blogger,  Adeline and Noah from GrowingwiththeTans 
No launch event will be complete without cupcakes!
I was quite eager to lay my hands on the night light(s) at the launch event, and was pleased to see this package arrive 2 weeks back. 

J was gifted with a Philips and Disney Cars night light and image projector, that is retailing at $38.90 on

The package came just 2 days after J's birthday, and when he spotted this, he thought it was his birthday present. It might very well have been 
It looks like it wasn't just this Mummy who's excited about the night lights as J ran off with the package even before I was able to open it for him. 

These days, "Car! Car! CAR!" is all I hear at bed time. J was quick to figure out how to operate the projector, and recently ditched his story books and iPad for the night light. It is a good change I must says as I never liked him with the iPad at bedtime anyway. 

Looking up at the ceiling for the projected images of Disney Cars. 
Well, technically, he is still in our bed. But, it seems like he is able to entertain himself for a while before I lay next to him for a chat. Bedtime isn't such a struggle the few days we had the projector, and he falls asleep within 15 minutes of turning off the projector. Not bad!
Left: The light emitted from the night light is not overtly glaring to the eyes. Good for shinning that soft beam around the room. Right: The subject of our bedtime chats, projected on the ceiling.  
Finally asleep with the night light next to him 

We have not moved J back to his room just yet. However, judging by his interest in the Philips and Disney  Cars night light and image projector, we may re-train him to sleep alone earlier than expected, and that is provided he does not lose his interest the lights. Crossing my fingers! 

The Philips and Disney range of night lights can be purchased here:

Disclaimer: This post has been written in collaboration with Philips. I was compensated and gifted with a Philips and Disney Cars night light  and image projector as part of this collaboration. However, all opinions expressed in this post is wholly mine. The pacifier that made a special appearance here belongs to the boy.