Chic and convenient - Shopping with Zalora

I am a huge fan of online shopping. For those who know me will know that I enjoy shopping online far more than physically going down to the shops because I cannot stand crowds. It is also the convenience of being able to look through every single design the shop has, something we cannot quite do when we are at the "brick and motar" shops that makes online shopping my preference.

Of course there is the risk of purchasing items that do not fit hence I am always on the look out for online shops that allows returns or exchange.

Recently, I bagged myself a new pair of harem pants in bright cobalt blue, and was looking for some women tops to go with it.

If you read my daily schedule, the only time I have is after the boy goes to bed, and I needed the top soon for an event.

So I turned to Zalora for help. I have always been impressed with the range of brands Zalora carries. The choice I had to find a matching  top for my pants was plenty.  There's so many different designs and brands of women tops to choose from that I sometimes spend too much time on the site ( far too much for my own good to be honest).

Range of women's tops on

Well, I finally settled with 2 lovely camisoles one from Zalora's inhouse brand - Ezra, and the other from Mango.

That's one of the camisole I selected. 

What makes shopping with Zalora a choice for me these days is because their service has improved so much over the years, and that they have a number of different delivery/collection options.

The option of picking up the package at Singpost's POPstation works well for me since there is always no one at home to open the door when the postman comes.

The POPStation boxes, conveniently located near my office. 

Tadah! My loots. 

The varied choices we have was a far cry from the first time I ordered from Zalora and that was in 2012, in the thick of my confinement and when the online outfit bearly started.  I recalled I opted for the delivery folks to drop by between 6pm to 8pm, but the guy at 9pm, rang the bell, and woke my 1 month old son. You can imagine how upset that got me. Do not wake a sleeping baby that a new mother has taken an hour to put to bed!!

A record of my first ever purchase with Zalora.
The package of my recent purchase was ready in 3 working days and I can pick it up from the POPStation at my convenience, and the best part is I can return items that don't fit by dropping them off at the post office.

Now with my purchase, you can be sure I will be putting up an "Outfit of the day" (OOTD) post really soon on instagram.

For online shoppers and chic mama wannabes like me, perhaps drop by to see what they have in store for you... oh,,,they have new stuff loaded every week! While writing this post, I saw there's actually something that I like which I did not see last week. You can perhaps guess what I will be doing tonight!

Disclaimer: I was given some store credits to feed my need to shop online, and no other compensation is received. All opinions are mine.