The 2nd Birthday Celebration

After last year's birthday party cancellation, we were praying hard that J will be able to have a proper celebration this year.

We planned for an Elmo themed party both in school and at home. The home party was meant to be a small and cozy affair with just family and close friends.

So, when we heard that J's classmate had hfmd just 10 days before his birthday, we took him out of school immediately. We didn't want to disappoint the little fellow when he was looking forward to the day his friends will sing the birthday song to him. He even practised singing,  complete with a clap and blowing of candles. Super cute right this boy?!

It wasn't quite the right time to be juggling work and a "stay-at-home-kid" as it was an ultra busy period at  for me with a mega event , an advertising campaign and other projects on hand. Not to mention, we were actually on another cycle of SO-IUI. So, no surprises on guessing what happened after all these. Well, mummy's health took a beating, and the systems sort of broke down where I was running a temperature everyday for 5 whole days. And....another SO-IUI down the drain. 


We made it for J's school party, but unfortunately had to cancel the home one so I could rest.

A little shy this boy. He did not quite know how to react when he saw us turning up in school with this huge Elmo cake. 

We thought he might be upset, but I guess he doesn't know better, and was stoked to see his Elmo "Surprise" cake. A little shy when the kids sang for him... and mighty proud to be able to be a mini gift giver! 

Happy to be distributing his cake and goodie bags to his friends. 

We made up for not having a home party with a cake , and I guess having all those strawberries to himself made his day.

I suppose it is a good thing for us that J has never had mega parties before, so he will not be expecting anything in future, unless he starts to learn the concept when he attends his friends' parties next time.
Till then, I am glad that J is contented with simple pleasures such as having his favourite fruit as a birthday treat.

To some , it seems like a pity that J had to miss his celebration every year... but, I am beginning to like it the this way.

Happy Birthday again my son!

Coming up this weekend, I will share some tutorials on making Elmo party favors and decorations. Plus sharing what's in the goodie bag and who made the cake! Stay tuned!