Staycation at Amara Sanctuary Resort, Sentosa

Before we had J, we always try to do something special on our birthdays, which usually ends up to be a short trip to some nearby destination.

This year, we thought we should start exploring staycations. Relatively fuss free and we can spend quality time as a family of 3 exploring Singapore from the eyes of our 2 year old.

When Amara Sanctuary first opened its doors, we read rave reviews about how chic and pretty the place is. Hence, not wanting to be where the crowd is on Sentosa, we decided on giving Amara Sanctuary a try.

Judging from some online reviews, I must say the establishment has perhaps lost some of its charm. The compound is very serene, true to it's name and makes for an ideal garden wedding venue. But, the rooms and service left much to be desired.

Complimentary kachang puteh and drinks at the lobby.

Running towards the rooms and flashing us his megawatt smile.

Ermm.... while waiting for the lift, the man saw something? 
J spotted a peacock on the compound while in the lift.

The extra larger bathroom... the only thing I liked about the room 

Drinks making amenities with no spoons. Wonder what I was supposed to stir my coffee with.... hmmm
Check in was okay, front desk staff was also nice. However, what they failed to do was to ask the type of bedding configuration we wanted, especially when their online booking system did not give us a choice. So when I opened the room door and saw 2 single beds, I wasn't impressed. Maybe I should have asked. Well, and the unfortunate thing was, there were no other rooms for us to shift to, so we had to make do.

The two single beds which I did not fancy.

Some really ugly stains not cleaned when we entered the room. 
So that's the room for you.

Amara Sanctuary has 2 restuarants on site, so if you are the type that  just like to laze around the resort, you don't need to worry about food.

Shutters, their all day restuarant serves up pretty decent fare. They had a good variety of food at breakfast, and I love their bake corner that even includes local favourites such as Youtiao (Fried Dough Fritters), Ham Chin Peng and "Buttetfly". Locals will know what these are. 

We had a rather unpleasant experience of being woken up by two different groups of guests staying at our floor one of the nights. They were pretty much making a din, and are possibly drunk. Their shouting at the corridor was so loud that it sounded like they were just outside our door.  Not very much the fault of the establishment, but then, it made our already mediocre experience with the hotel drop a notch. 

Perhaps, it was my birthday staycation, and I was looking forward to some sort of "sanctuary" as suggested by it's name? 

Oh well! Despite the unpleasant experience, I must say we did enjoy ourselves very much with our days packed full of activities. 

Day 1:  
Port of  Lost Wonder  > Vivo City via the free shuttle for dinner (plus a haircut for J) . 

Day 2: 
Universal Studios > Vivo City to get myself a present > Universal Studios (again)  > Dinner in the hotel. 

Day 3: 
Sand play @ Palawan Beach > End. 

The big pirate ship that captivated the little one. 
"Hey Mr Jelly Belly... what a nice belly you have there!" And, yes... mr shaggy had a haircut the night before. 

Kungfu Panda came to say "Hello". 

J's first ever theme park ride without crying. Fascinated by the lights and noise on the Elmo space ride. 
My boy and his signature pursed lips at the Madagascar carousel. 
Someone's tired and taking a break on Papa's chest. 
Ending our staycation with some quality time on the beach. 

While time was well spent, I would suggest if anyone's planning a family staycation on Sentosa, perhaps one of the Resorts World hotels or even Shangri-la's Rasa Sentosa will be a better choice.


  1. I almost wanted to book a staycation there, thanks for this review. Stayed at Siloso Beach Resort and Rasa Sentosa before, hubby and my girl said they would love to stay there again. And oh, Hard Rock Hotel is good too. Their sand pool is very family-friendly, my kids loved it.


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