An Elmo Birthday Party (sort of)

This year, we planned for an Elmo / Sesame Street birthday party for J both in school and at home because he is crazy over Elmo. He needs to have his Elmo wherever he goes these days. It is such a sight seeing him bring this stuffed creature around.
So, once again, the parties did not really go as planned. But,  it is still nice to share what we did to bring the theme to life.

The Cake

We picked a fresh cream strawberry shortcake for all his friends in school. The cake was from Naomi Kitchen, a bakery that's run by a couple who started their business from a tiny food stall at Golden Mile food centre to  a shop unit at Crawford Lane. The cake we ordered had a nice, light and fluffy sponge with cream that's not too sweet.  The room of 24 toddlers definitely loved it as there was none left, and the happiest had to be the birthday boy who today still asks for his "Elmo cake"!

The Goodie Bag

We wanted to include some of Elmo's favourite things such as crayons and goldfish (biscuits) but only managed to get the crayons. It was a pity that Singapore does not have the mini packets of Pepperidge Farm's Goldfish crackers. So we ended up with treating his school friends with his favourite snack - Nestle's Honey Stars.

The mini crayons were accompanied with a colouring book from MTrade Wholesale Party Store . The whistle cum bottle of bubbles was from SKP, and of course the honey stars from any supermarkets near you. 

The goodie bags were lunch bags that can be purchased quite cheaply from SKP. We decorated the bags with the signature Sesame's Street sign board which is really easy to make and sealed them with Sesame's Street stickers. MTrade Wholesale Party Store is a good place to purchase a lot of Seasme's Street party supplies. Got the stickers there, plus some party hats, candles and cupcake toppers for the home party

How to create the Sesame's Street sign board and Elmo's face with Microsoft Powerpoint:
The Sesame Street sign can be created very easily even if you know nothing about desktop publishing. If you don't have Microsoft office at home, you still have the option of using Google's presentation tool. This takes 3 minutes. Print, cut and paste. Easy Peasy!
I wanted an Elmo and not Sesame Street goodie bags for the home party. So I created the cut-outs on powerpoint too. This takes slightly longer to put together, but still pretty simple to do.

Need more ideas for a Sesame Street or Elmo party, you can check out this awesome party by Quirky Affairs or search around on Pinterest which is a great resource for party ideas of all types!

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