AIA Vitality Challenge - Tracking those calories

Ever since giving birth to the boy, not only has my figure gone out of shape, but my metabolism has also gotten a little out of whack.

It’s been tough trying to lose that extra 7kg in the last 2 years as unfortunately, I am one of the not-so-lucky ladies who don't shed kilos very easily. In fact, it has become harder over the years. 

Personally speaking, losing weight is not about being vain. It is more of a commitment to living my life healthily so that I can be present for the ones that matter. And contrary to popular belief, losing weight is not just about counting the calories we take in each day.

It is about having a good balance of eating healthily and proper exercise.

When we count calories, we need to ensure that we are burning more than what we consume each day. So for instance, if I need about 1,200 calories a day, I will have to burn more on a continued basis just to lose 1 kg or 2 over a period of a month or so. That can be a very daunting task as it means recording every single thing I eat, and every step I take, and every workout I do.

However, I’ve found that this can be done easily with the AIA Vitality programme. AIA Vitality has partnered with a few brands of fitness devices where you can link your fitness device to your AIA Vitality account, earning up to 100 Vitality points a day with each activity upload.

As an AIA Vitality member, you’ll be spoilt for choice when looking for a fitness device as all members get a discount of 25% for MiCoach, Fitbit and Fitbug devices. If you prefer Polar, the discounts are even better at 33% off!

For me, I chose the Fitbit Flex and have been using it since March 2014, consistently clocking in 50 vitality points every single day without doing any workout that’s out of the ordinary.

As long as I clock in at least 30 minutes of physical activity and burn at least 150 kCal, I get awarded points! This means the walking I do daily from home to the bus stop and from the bus stop to the office earns me points, inching me closer to earning my Platinum status, where I stand to enjoy premium discounts of up to 15% on selected AIA insurance policies and up to 50% off travel with Emirates, AirAsia and Royal Caribbean.

This is what I see every day on my Fitbit Android application. Wearing the Fitbit Flex not only helps to record the number of steps I take each day, but also record every calorie I burn, even when I am sleeping at night. This makes keeping track of my calorie output so much easier.

It is quick easy to input the food we eat each day. The initial part is tedious as we need to find out the number of calories each food item has. However, once we have recording a particular type of food in our Fitbit app, we can easily search for it again the next time we consume the same food.

I had a swim the day this was recorded, and I managed to earn 100 AIA Vitality points (which is the maximum a person can earn each day based on his/her daily physical activities) 

The AIA Vitality programme does not reward only people who are already very active. It is really meant to help everyone, both young and old to start getting active, even if it means starting from the most basic form of exercise such as walking each day.

For me, the biggest challenge is sticking to an exercise regime. Very often, by the time I get home and am done with the household chores, I have little or almost no more energy left for exercise. Other times, I need to bring home my office work and working out naturally takes a backseat.

However, as I have learnt from this article, there are ways to break down the barriers to exercise and 6 tips to get you going:
  1.        Short bouts of exercise count
  2.        Move away from the “all or nothing” approach
  3. .       Exercise does not have to be strenuous, exhausting or painful
  4.        Planning is important
  5.        You don’t need expensive equipment to start an exercise programme
  6.        Get the family involved

One way that busy mothers like myself can set aside time for physical activity is to turn exercise into a couple bonding session or family activity! When I started using the Fitbit, the man joined me as well. This way, we keep each other in check, encouraging each other to clock in more exercise to burn off those extra calories.

On weekends, we also try to involve our son by taking long walks together or running to sweat it all out.

Keeping each other motivated. 
Exercise can be as easy as taking long walks in the park!
Who says exercise is all work and no play? For us, we run and have fun at the same time!

Whatever your choice of exercise is, the points that you earn with the AIA Vitality programme will bring you closer to the next status, which also means bigger and better discounts with AIA Vitality partners. For me, I am hoping to score myself 50% discount off my travels in the near future. Slowly but surely, I am getting there as I continue to earn points from linking my Fitbit Flex to my AIA Vitality account.

And if you’re thinking about working towards better health as well, I’ve some good news for readers of Meeningfully.

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According to the article, "Breaking down the barriers to exercise", how long is the recommended duration of moderate intensity physical activity adults should engage in? 

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