5 must dos in Cebu, Philippines

The one thing that people always ask when I say that we have been to Cebu for a family holiday is what is there to do in Cebu other than diving.

So here's 5 things we did and I think we all enjoyed ourselves, although we though we would not have.

1) Visit a guitar factory.

Other than their mangoes, Cebu is also well known for their handcrafted guitars, which are friendly to the pockets. Most guitar factories are located on Mactan island and the one we visited (Alegre Guitar Factory) seems to be one popular with the tour guides. Alegre seems to be the more expensive factories in Cebu, but quality also guaranteed.

Even if you don't want to buy a guitar, these make a very nice souvenir to take home. 

Even the tiny tot is having fun at the factory.
Yes, we caved him and bought him one which is now collecting dust at home.
And, this is a real mini guitar with 6 strings. Maybe we can get him started on music lessons soon

Beautifully handcrafted guitars made with wood sourced from all over the world. I got myself a ukelele.
Hopefully I have time to practise on it 

2) Visit  Magellan's Cross and Basilica Minore de Santo Nino

The Magellan Cross has quite a history where a Portuguese explorer brought this wooden cross into Cebu in the 1500s to signify the colonisation of Philippines.

Read the history here http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Magellan's_Cross

Basilica Minore de Santo Nino is another attraction with a long and rich history. It is the oldest church in Philippines and is still operational with masses held every Friday.

Lots of balloon vendors outside of the church. Not sure what's the connection between balloons and church, but the boy is definitely soaking in the atmosphere.

Magellan's Cross
3) Island Hopping

We all know that the Philippines is known for it's 7000 plus islands. Cebu is a good place to explore blue seas and white beaches of neighbouring islets. This is the second time I have been on an island hopping trip in Cebu, and snorkelling off the shores of the different islands is a fantastic experience. A little tip though... check with the tour guides if their island hopping trips allows docking at the islets or it just stops near each island for snorkeling and lazing.

This recent island hopping did not allow us to go on shore, which was a little disappointing as I wanted J to be able to play by the beach. Nonetheless, the boat was so nice and comfy, and even J enjoyed just lounging the day away.

The deep blue sea and the happily lounging toddler. 
The island hopping trip came with bbq food provided! The nice boatmen actually bbq-ed the spread on board the boat while we were enjoying the water and the breeze. 
4) Have some Philippines Lechon
Lechon is roasted pork with super crispy skin. You can probably find many restaurants and other stalls in shopping mall serving Lechon. One of the must tried is CnT Lechon and they have one outlet just across the road from Radisson Blu. Oh Yes!  It is sinful for the waistline.... but who cares right?!

5) Caramel Bars from Max's
When people go to Philippines, they will usually buy bakes from Goldilocks for family and friends. I choose to go to Max's instead. More accurately, I will buy boxes of Max's caramel bars. Sinfully sweet, but super tempting to take in more than one! They have one outlet at Ayala mall.

Source: http://www.maxschicken.com/index.php?/menus/60
Have you been to Cebu? Are there other things we can do there? Do share away!

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