WMST#5 - My personal assistant

I am back with my "Working Mommas Survival Tips" series after more than a month hiatus. The motivation to get this started stemmed from my daily struggles to manage both home and work.  I am no expert but I am constantly trying. Hence sharing how I go about ensuring I have quality time with the boy, at the same time collating other mothers' experiences in this linky. Hopefully, this can be a valuable resource for other mothers too. And, you don't need to be a full time working mother to contribute. You can be working at home, working part-time or used to work. Your experiences will be great for this series!


I don't usually share a lot about what I do, but I will make an exception today.

I am in marketing and communications, managing a full spectrum of marketing duties in a small local office of a global education brand. So you can imagine the amount of work that comes through ranging from public relations to advertising & promotions and social media management. I am a bit like a "bao ka liao" (which can be translated to mean "do-it-all") in that sense.

Despite the busy work schedule, the perks of my job is that I am able to work from home when I see the need to, at the same time, leave the office at 5pm everyday so I can pick J up from childcare. That is not to say my work ends when I leave the office. The flexibility means work is also sometimes packed home and worked on when the boy goes to bed.

My job schedules are only part of the various calendars I keep. There's J's school calendar, the man's work , and the other planned family activities. There's also my personal schedule that includes my what I intend to blog about and when.

With so many things to keep track of, Google Calendar has long been my trusty helper. Multiple calendars in one view, accessible on our mobile. What's not to like about this personal assistant? Simple yet super helpful. My best time management tool!

How about you, are there any tools or apps that you use to help manage your time? Do share them here. Link up as well if you have a post on how you manage both work and home. The more the merrier!



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