Simple Steamed Porridge

One of my best investments is my kitchen steamer. It has been with us since J started taking solids. With my crazy schedule, it makes whipping up a healthy meal for the boy very easy.

Last night, I worked on a fish porridge for J's lunch. Steamed porridge to be very accurate.

Steaming does not produce those fine and gluey type porridge, but that's cool for us as J likes it better grainy and with texture.

Steamed Fish Porridge

2.5 tbsp of rice
1 cup of water
1 tsp of Brovil chicken stock
A slice of white fish fillet (we usually use red grouper or cod fish)
1 to 2 tbsp of chopped carrots (or however much your child likes)
2 to 3 stocks of chye sim , finely chopped (or which ever leafy vegetables your child fancies)

1) Steam the rice and carrots with the water and chicken stock for 20 min like how you would do with steaming rice. Cover the bowl with cling wrap (use microwave safe ones or even better, a cloth or plates ).
2) After the rice is cooked (there will still be water in the bowl as it is meant to be porridge), place the fish fillet on top and steam for another 15 to 20 mins (longer if your child likes his rice soft).
3) At the last 5 to 10 min of steaming, add in the chye sim.
4) Once done, stir and serve.

I usually use Brovil chicken stock when I am in a hurry and have no cooked stock ready. But, for a heartier meal. use pre-cooked stocked.

There you go! Easy porridge with a steamer!