Family Photoshoot with Pod of Peas

It took me over a year before I got down to getting a family photoshoot done professionally, and this decision only came after seeing so many pretty pictures of fellow mummies. And, when we finally did, I regretted not working on it earlier. I missed out on having some of J's best moments captured. Oh well, better late than never I suppose. 

We researched many providers. Some had superb skill, but cost a lot since we are allowed to select only a a few pictures to keep. Some were reasonably priced, but didn't quite have the photography style we were looking for. 

It was around this time, I got re-aquainted with our wedding videographer who also does wedding photography - Muse+Hues

Lawrence,  a half of the business, happen to also be a friend and he just started his family photography arm, Pod of Peas.

Mainly because of the familiarity, we decided to let Lawrence do the job. A father of 2 young children plus an avid runner, I had no doubts that he can manage J. My son sure lived up to his reputation of being an energizer bunny with his none-stop running around the Botanic Gardens. Lucky for him, Uncle Lawrence was still able to keep up! 

Other than being good with kids, Lawrence was also very accommodating.  J was starting to get cranky after just about 30 minutes of shooting because of the extremely warm weather. So, Lawrence kindly arranged for another morning to complete the shoot hence the difference in outfits and location. 

Price of the shoot was also just right at $238, where we get to keep softcopies of all the shots. No hardcopies given, but who needs them when we can get them produced cheaply outside. 

As for the output... I will let the photos below do the talking. 

So if you are looking for someone to take pictures for you, do keep Pod of Peas in mind. 

Beautifully taken pictures help to cement the precious memories of your little ones. Memories to last a lifetime. 

Pod of Peas
Contact:  9117 7068

Disclaimer: This post and opinions is wholly mine. We paid the full price for the photoshoot. No compensation was received.