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A Miam Miam experience

If you are a pasta and/or dessert fan, you cannot miss out on giving Miam Miam a try. "Miam Miam" means"Yum Yum" in French, and my tummy certainly had a yummy time when I was there.  The infusion of Japanese flavours into French cuisine (or is it the other way round) promises a gastronomic experience for their customers. And if you love your food cooked on the spot upon ordering, you can be sure Miam Miam will not disappoint as they pride themselves for cooking every dish from scratch, although I must say this may be an issue during peak periods as it may prolong the waiting time for food to be served. However, what's a little bit of waiting for good food?  The man and I visited the Miam Miam outlet at Bugis Junction 2 weeks ago. Perfect day to be dining out since we were on leave and the boy was in school. It has been some time since we were able to "paktor" (means to be on a date); have a meal without rushing through it and simply just han

WMST#5 - My personal assistant

I am back with my "Working Mommas Survival Tips" series after more than a month hiatus. The motivation to get this started stemmed from my daily struggles to manage both home and work.  I am no expert but I am constantly trying. Hence sharing how I go about ensuring I have quality time with the boy, at the same time collating other mothers' experiences in this linky. Hopefully, this can be a valuable resource for other mothers too. And, you don't need to be a full time working mother to contribute. You can be working at home, working part-time or used to work. Your experiences will be great for this series! *** I don't usually share a lot about what I do, but I will make an exception today. I am in marketing and communications, managing a full spectrum of marketing duties in a small local office of a global education brand. So you can imagine the amount of work that comes through ranging from public relations to advertising & promotions and social media

Family Photoshoot with Pod of Peas

It took me over a year before I got down to getting a family photoshoot done professionally, and this decision only came after seeing so many pretty pictures of fellow mummies. And, when we finally did, I regretted not working on it earlier. I missed out on having some of J's best moments captured. Oh well, better late than never I suppose.  We researched many providers. Some had superb skill, but cost a lot since we are allowed to select only a a few pictures to keep. Some were reasonably priced, but didn't quite have the photography style we were looking for.  It was around this time, I got re-aquainted with our wedding videographer who also does wedding photography - Muse+Hues .  Lawrence,  a half of the business, happen to also be a friend and he just started his family photography arm, Pod of Peas . Mainly because of the familiarity, we decided to let Lawrence do the job. A father of 2 young children plus an avid runner, I had no doubts that he can manage

Inspiration to cook (with GIVEAWAY)

I don't get to cook for J very often since I work full time. I am grateful to both my mother and mother-in-law for helping to prepare J's after-school meals everyday which is usually rice with soup and fish or pork porridge. So come weekends, while we eat out quite often, I try to cook at least 2 meals for him, even if it means to pack his food along with us. J is a big eater. However, he seems to like his soups and rice a lot. Fruits are also a favourite. He eats fast food at times but doesn't fancy them. That's actually good news for us as we don't really have a problem with getting him to eat healthily. That also means I often run out of ideas on what to cook for him. Hence when I need some inspiration to whip up something tasty for the boy, I will scour the web for recipes. Often enough, I find myself on Annabel Karmel's website, and have been using and adapting her recipes to prepare J's meals since he started on solids. Last week, I

Overcoming toddler insecurities

J has a one of a kind character, fiercely persistent with a heart of gold. He greets everyone , even strangers with his coy yet sincere smile. He seems rather popular in school, with a couple of older kids taking a liking for him. However, we noticed that his tenacity and social tendencies melts away when he is placed in a social situation without us, specifically at the playground. He can be running and jumping happily when he is playing alone but when throngs of kids come to the playground, he starts to redraw into his own little world. He gets whiny and super clingy.  Looking back, it could be a few occasions where he has been asked to shoo by older kids who come by as a group. He was insecure and perhaps a little fearful.  I am sure he will get more clingy as with most kids at this age. This is when they become aware of their surroundings, a time when new things overwhelm them. At this stage, they have also discovered fear, and will need our help to overcome it.  I

Simple Steamed Porridge

One of my best investments is my kitchen steamer. It has been with us since J started taking solids. With my crazy schedule, it makes whipping up a healthy meal for the boy very easy. Last night, I worked on a fish porridge for J's lunch. Steamed porridge to be very accurate. Steaming does not produce those fine and gluey type porridge, but that's cool for us as J likes it better grainy and with texture. Steamed Fish Porridge 2.5 tbsp of rice 1 cup of water 1 tsp of Brovil chicken stock A slice of white fish fillet (we usually use red grouper or cod fish) 1 to 2 tbsp of chopped carrots (or however much your child likes) 2 to 3 stocks of chye sim , finely chopped (or which ever leafy vegetables your child fancies) Method: 1) Steam the rice and carrots with the water and chicken stock for 20 min like how you would do with steaming rice. Cover the bowl with cling wrap (use microwave safe ones or even better, a cloth or plates ). 2) After the rice is cooked (the