Weekend Exploits #5 - The Treehouse Cafe

This post is almost 3 months late, but better late than never yah?

It was a lazy Saturday morning, and we wanted to have a leisurely brunch with the boy. We decided to explore The Grandstand after reading so much about it on other mummies' blogs. Pasar Bella plus all the kiddy related outlets were good enough reasons to make us interested. 

The Treehouse Cafe is located on the fround floor of The Grandstand and had a 2 storey play area. It seemed perfect for a slow meal while J busies himself at the play area, or so we thought. 

The play area was rather bare to be honest, with toys and books nicely placed on kiddy chairs and shelves. I would say what they have there is sufficient to entertain perhaps 3 to 4 kids? I guess if there isn't many customers, it would be fine.

There were a 3 kids that day. J being the youngest was shoved and told not to touch the toys. So, we took J to the upper deck only to have the kids follow closely behind. No surprise that they snatched all the fun toys and left J with only a ball. Yes... J was upset. But such is playground politics that J will need to increasingly face as he attempts to conquer play areas in Singapore. :) 

Somehow i felt that if there were enough of similar toys or books to go around, the situation would not have been so tensed amongst the little ones. I guess this would be something to think about? Perhaps if we were there with kiddie friends, J might have enjoyed himself more.

I can however appreciate the large space that's used frequently for group activities. And, it makes a nice venue for parties and events for your little ones with all the available space.

Left to right: View of the upper deck of the "Treehouse" | The toys available on the upper deck of the "Treehouse" and The toys on the lower deck of the "Treehouse". Pictures were taking before 
Food was acceptable. I did not find it fantastic but it did good by filling my stomach. I had the Eggs Benedict with Jamon while the hubs had The Works.  The Treehouse apparently have a wider choice of food for lunch and dinner, and their breakfast probably did not do the cafe justice. 
I would still come back again despite my less than satisfactory experience, but the next time would be with girlfriends and their kiddos. Perhaps at other times of the day as well so I get to savour their lunch menu. 

Eggs Benedict with Jamon. Rather normal and eggs were slightly well done. 

A rather uncolourful "big breakfast". Something that seemed easy to replicate at home. 

Have you been to The Treehouse Cafe @ The Gandstand? Do share your experience! 

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