The QUBE Hotel & The Langham Xintiandi - Shanghai

The recent work trip to Shanghai gave me the opportunity to stay at two different hotel establishments.

My colleagues and I arrived in Shanghai just before midnight , so we planned to settle at some hotel near the airport for the night instead of going all the way into town. Moreover, the first night was supposed to be paid out of our own pockets, so a cheaper option just for a night's rest was a great idea.

If you google, there are quite a few hotels claiming to by Shanghai Pudong Airport hotels. However, most require you to either take a 5 to 15 minutes shuttle service or cab ride to the hotel.

We picked The QUBE Hotel Pudong. Maybe because it was in the middle of the night, and we left at 10am the next day hence we did not explore outside very much.  I felt that there wasn't much to see or do around the area. There's a shopping centre right next door though with quite a bit of eateries as well as McDonalds. So, at least it's not entirely ulu... if you know what I mean. 

With the hotel's unique exterior, it is hard to miss. The hotel apparently got a facelift quite recently and was orginally a Howard Johnson chain of hotel. It sure gave the establishment a refreshing outlook. The rooms were also nicely renovated keeping to the modern theme of its exterior and had all the amenities that's expected of a 4 to 5 stars hotel. One thing we did notice as we were checking is that the lobby does not seem to be centrally heated and the poor front desk ladies had to be in their heavy down jackets during the cold winter. 

The QUBE Pudong Hotel - a rather spacious room, with a king bed and modern design. Very recently renovated. 

The QUBE Pudong Shanghai - The see-through bathroom was the highlight.

The upcoming Shanghai Disneyland is said to be in the Pudong area, and The QUBE is strategically placed to service the throngs of tourists expected. So, perhaps you can consider this if you intend to visit Shanghai Disneyland in future. Also great if you need a short stay over near the airport.


This part is where I start raving about a great 5 star hotel, with an equally 5 star service, although it did not start out well.

We spent the next 4 days at The Langham Xintiadi Shanghai. For those who had the opportunity to stay at any Langham establishment, you will notice that they place a lot of emphasis on providing superd service that all luxury travellers look for.

They also made sure they up a notch for their members (or so I assume) as I clearly had better service than my colleagues.

I signed up as a member of their 1865 club during my last visit to Eaton Smart Hong Kong. 

The hotel was supposed to pick us up from The QUBE at 10am on our second day. However, they came a hour late. While we did not make a big fuss, their concierge apologised profusely and offered a discount on the transfer service. Actually... I thought they would waive it off, but the fact that they took the trouble to call me and offer the discount even without us making a fuss, I was impressed.

What sealed the deal for me was during my departure.

I chose to return to Singapore earlier than the group, so I ordered a car from the hotel which usually just involved the driver sending guests to the airport right? Not for The Langham. When I was dropped off at Pudong International Airport, a Langham staff came out and escorted me from the car, to check in and subsequently to the immigration gate. ! was like "WOW"! And, apparently... only I received such a service. So there can only be two possibilities... either they thought it was way too early in the morning for a lady to be travelling alone.... or it was because I am their 1865 member.

Whatever the reason was, I am sure I will stay at The Langham at any country they have presence in, if my budget allows.

The Langham Xintiandi :
The large luxurious bathroom which I spent a lot of my time in, with separate toilet shower and bath. 
The Langham Xintiandi:
View of the room from the entrance. 
The Langham Xintiandi:
View of the room, from the windows. It is obvious how huge this room is. 

The Langham Xintiandi:
Lining the room from the entrance to the sleeping area is a well stocked minibar and coffee & tea amenities. Nespresso in every single room! :) Turn down service was also superb. Had fruits and tea waiting for me to return from my day's activities. 

The Langham Xintiandi:
View of the old street right from my window.  
A very hazy Shanghai winter afternoon
The Langham Xintiandi:
View of the building exterior. Such a nice winter picture taken by a colleague.  
That's us right in front of the hotel. Lovely winter evening and beautiful night lights
Us, in the lobby. Making sure we have a pic in front of the signature Langham horse. :) 

Well, The Langham sure is in the same league as other international luxury hotel chains. If anyone wants to splurge on their holiday, be sure to consider The Langham...anywhere in the world. 

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