Sleeping alone - Part of the weaning series

Before  kids, I dreamt of decorating the nursery with cute little animals, lots of stuffed toys , dreamy looking cot sheets and a fun play corner.

Only problem was, there's no room to convert into a nursery. And, that is one of the reasons why I had the motivation to move out of our matrimonial home.

Yes, I am superficial that way and I love all things pretty. But, the main reason for wanting a separate room for the boy was because I've always wanted him to be independent from as young as possible.

Sure, I enjoy co-sleeping. And to be honest, I missed him when we took the decision to move him to his own room a few weeks back. I still do.

While he sleeps in his own cot in our room and only finds his way onto our bed in the middle of the night, I get the jitters just knowing that he is not at a "turn-of-the-body" away.

Here's what we did to prepare the  boy (and ourselves ) for the move:

1) We got ourselves a video baby monitor.
We wanted to make sure we could see if his cries warrants us to go over to soothe him or if we should just let him self soothe. More importantly, we did not want him to fall off the bed or get into some dangerous stunts.

2) Storytime in his room before officially sleeping alone
The week before starting J sleeping in his own room, we incorporated bedtime story sessions in his room. This helps to familiarise the boy with his new snooze surroundings. As often as possible, he was also allowed to play in the room.

Watching J over the monitor

3) Started with a few days in a week
Well... we made sleeping in his room an adventure. We have clouds pasted on the walls... so we told him that Papa and Mummy are going to take him cloud watching where we will sing some songs and play some games.

Great liars we were... but it worked. Soon... it's cloud watching every night!

It has been slightly more than a month since. Other than his usual whining at about 1am which is quickly settled with a pat, or just having someone lie by his side, J is able to sleep through the night. He only starts looking for us at about 5am... where I will move him back into our room. He gets back to sleep just snuggling up to his father while I busy myself with getting ready for the day.

I must say the move was easier than i thought.

I am glad and greatly blessed to have a son who enjoys sleep as much as his father that he can fall asleep almost anywhere. Not sure if it is great for national service next time. We shall see! 

With a good start to sleeping on his own, we now have to work towards training him to go to bed without us. Slowly, but surely we will get that.

I must say the initial stages was tough for me ( not the boy). I was peering into the monitor almost every 5 to 10 minutes. Talk about obsessive behavior!

In the meantime, i am happy to have my room back to catch up on my work and reading without worrying that I will wake the boy. Enjoying it while it lasts :) 

** This is part of a series of posts on weaning my almost 2 year old off a number of things. Follow my blog to be updated on the latest post in the series.