Love in the simple things

It's valentine's day today, and this day holds a special meaning to Hubs and me.

11 years ago, we got together over kway teow soup and iced milo. Not the most romantic valentine's day, but because it was all so simple, it sort of shaped how our relationship was going to be like in the future.

I don't remember being taken out for expensive dinners or being romanced under the stars. We buy gifts for each other, not for special occasions like today, but just because we feel like it.  It is precisely this simplicity that makes me appreciate this special man in my life.

Trust and communication defines this relationship. All these years, I never needed to second guess what he was thinking about. Yes, I have thrown tantrums, made fuss over the littlest things. I still do really.  But this man tolerates my nonsense all because of the simple reason that he loves me. (Ok lah... although i sometimes don't trust him with the boy... but that's perhaps another story) . 

He drives me crazy ALL the time. Dirty laundry on the floor. Cups not washed. Empty mayonnaise bottles in the fridge. Soiled diapers lying all over the house (for days!), and the list goes on and on and on. In fact I can write a book on his messiness.. Despite all these, I love him for who he is. He wouldn't be who he is if these habits ceased to exist (although a little effort to help will be nice. )

On this special day, I really should not be harping on his shortcomings.  I want to give thanks for the love from this simple man.

I love how you never fail to make me laugh with your kookiness. 

I love how you always try to accomodate my senseless demands. 

I love how put your hands on mine at the end of a tough day. 

I love how you make me eat all those food so I can grow fat with you. 

I love how you always listen to me whine about my bad day when you've had a worse one. 

I love the countless hours we spent just lazing in bed , catching up on our favourite dramas. 

I love how you always encourage me to chase my dreams even if it means for you to put yours on hold. 

I love the way you plant gentle kisses on our son's forehead even though he has been non-stop chanting "don't want papa" !

I love all the little things you do to show your love for me. 

It's all the simple, little things that matter. 

Thank you for being here. Thank you for being you. 

Happy "Pak-tor" Anniversary!

Sharing a video montage Hubs did on his own for our wedding. It stops halfway as the file has been corrupted and this is what I can recover. Saving what's left of it here in case the rest of the file gets further damaged over time. :)

Have you shown your appreciation to your significant other? Remember, it is not the gifts that matter. True love always thrives on the simplest things. 

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